Workout What Is It?

It is not necessary to go to the gym in order to get excellent results. The workout is a great proof of that. If you do not have any health problems, you can start working out at any time. But it is important to understand the features of such training and their rules.

What it is?

Workout literally translated from English as training on the street. This means that this exercise is mainly in the fresh air. For this purpose beams, benches, stairs.

At this point the person has more endurance and strength. “Street fitness” – still so called in this direction. we must understand that this is not a sport because it is not officially recognized as such in any country.

Historical information

But the history of the workout already has. American teenagers in the 90-ies started to reflect on the beauty of his body, his muscle definition and attractive shapes. At the same time they began to engage in sports equipment on the street. They started pulling up, doing push-UPS. After the Internet became a more accessible resource for the dissemination of information, videos with such classes began to appear, so outdoor training could be seen already around the world. Who the first gave the name to such occupations it isn’t known but it strongly got accustomed.

Types of workout

Despite the fact that the workout is not officially recognized in any country it is constantly evolving there are more directions.

So there is a certain classification:

  • Street Workout is a classic workout that involves performing standard exercises with your weight. In this direction it is possible to independently come up with unusual exercises.
  • Ghetto Workout – is a historical workout that has retained the features of training poor teenagers in other words here are beautiful and complex elements strength isometric exercises. An interesting fact is that some of the exercises went even in martial arts in particular push-UPS on the fingers.
  • Handstand is a direction a bit similar to the previous one. However the power outputs are alternated with push-UPS.
  • Gimbarr – a unique direction that came from Cuba. It is considered quite dangerous for health and life because there should be a certain physical fitness, agility and excellent coordination. Without insurance such exercises are better not to perform.

Workout use

Workout – it’s not just typical activities that are performed at will.

There are reasons why people should pay attention to this direction:

  • The body feels physical activity. And they are equated to those that a person can get doing in the gym.
  • Work almost all muscle groups and it does not need to use a special sports facility.
  • Health status improves because exercise is good for your back because the exercises are working even the deep muscles.
  • Classes have a positive effect on the activity of the nervous system because a good mood when performing exercises is provided to everyone.

Training area

It is impossible to answer unambiguously what should be the ideal platform for practicing workout because every athlete has his own preferences.

At the same time workout is a constant development there are more and more sites and special facilities. Preferably the area was a rail, bench press, wall bars, parallel bars.

Classes for beginners

Do not think that if you have never played sports the workout will start to engage in very simple. The workout program for beginners consists of several stages. Before the beginning of training it is better to approach responsibly. And the whole reason lies in the fact that a person can have a bad vestibular apparatus so beginners are often dizzy. It is best to start classes with swinging hang a little upside down do the UPS with flips. These simple exercises can prepare the vestibular apparatus for the main classes.

In addition always remember the main rules:

  • Start training with a warm-up. Always. Whatever results you have achieved. Warm up should be about 15 minutes. Ligaments thus warmed up and ready to load.
  • Beginners in training need to include push-UPS of different types, pull-UPS. This will all increase strength and endurance.
  • Need to use reduced amplitude, this refers to what exercises you need to perform half.
  • Some exercises can be difficult in this case ask a friend to insure you.
  • Classes should be regular. Actually, this applies to any training. Only systematic approach will allow to achieve significant results. Therefore training should be at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Do not immediately take on a heavy load you need to gradually increase the load. This will allow the muscles to get used to training, to strengthen.

If you have health problems, before you start training, you need to consult a doctor.

Right motivation

Motivation to start sports can be different. But most people come to the world of street sports in order to improve their body make it more beautiful and embossed.

The survey showed that boys and girls began their training after seeing how skillfully and technically ordinary people perform exercises on street simulators. These incredible exercises and motivated young people. You can download music from the Internet for the workout it is also very attractive, dynamic and motivates to classes.

Training program

Novice athletes can pay attention to several programs and choose the right one for themselves. Training four days – the most effective option that allows you to quickly learn the basic elements of the workout to move on to the basic training.

So the initial exercise workout:

  • The second day from the first is different in that the usual pull-UPS need to be replaced by a wide grip and push-UPS on the bars need not leaning forward.
  • The third day to repeat the exercises as on the first day. The only thing you need to do pull-up narrow grip.
  • On the fourth day need a basis to take also the first exercise except that the dips don’t need to do the tilt.

Workout competitions

Of course due to the prevalence of workout many wanted to show their skills compete with each other. Therefore there were even competitions in world-scale workout. The first world championship was held in 2011 in Riga. Usually to assess the presentations the emphasis is on strength, endurance, precision, exercise, charisma and quantity of the exercises.

Level of workout

As noted earlier in the world of street sports is not officially recognized so we can not talk seriously about the categories they are yard. In 2008 they came up with a goal athlete from Ukraine EvgenyKozyrev. Despite the informality categories motivate athletes give impetus and desire to improve your body. There are seven stages after which a person becomes a candidate for sports in the yard workout.

There are General provisions for the passage of steps and discharge:

  • It is necessary to record on video the implementation of all standards. This video is mounted in laid out in a special group.
  • It is necessary to take into account the order of exercise. In addition you need to do for the quality of performance. And the athlete on video has to be surely in full growth.
  • Be sure to use a hard horizontal bar. You can’t use the straps.
  • Videos are studied by site administrators who decide whether to assign a category to an athlete or not. If a positive decision is made the video is included in the list of arresters.
  • Videos from the category of the fourth and seventh are estimated by three people on a ten-point assessment. Ball passage – not less than 75.

Special clothes

As in any sport in the workout has its own special clothing. And it is necessary in order to make it convenient and comfortable to perform all this rather difficult exercises on the bar. It should not restrict movement and especially interfere with the exercise.

Therefore you need to pay attention to the fact that such clothes:

  • Was made of durable fabrics that will be resistant even to sudden movements.
  • Well stretched so as not to hinder movement.
  • From quality fabrics so as not to cause additional sweating.

Usually these clothes include shorts or pants t-shirt or t-shirt. In the cold season also put on hoodies. During the competition typically used bright form it allows the speech to make it more entertaining. Separate conversation about shoes. It is better to use sneakers with ventilation which will have a dense sole.

For more complex exercises it is better to use insurance, these belts fixed arm on the bar and serve as a means of ensuring security during the exercise. Despite the fact that many athletes make their own, it is better to buy at the store for greater reliability.


A feature of this sport can be its traumatic. Therefore, care here will not hurt anyone.

In order to protect without unnecessary injuries need:

  • Use seals
  • Ask friends and acquaintances to hedge

Do only those elements that perform at a given level of training by force.


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