Why Belly Grows

Why does the belly grow? Regardless of whether they are overweight or not? Besides the fact that extra centimeters do not adorn the body it is also a risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and metabolic syndrome. Fat deposits in the waist area are called visceral as they accumulate around the abdominal organs including the liver. A particularly high risk of health problems if the volume of the body grow at a normal weight.

Although this may be quite natural reasons for example especially the structure of the figure. When the body type “Apple” marked tendency to accumulate fat is in the upper torso. Under this its feet mostly remain slender. Specifically in such cases when the appearance of extra inches caused by natural causes significantly affect the way the body looks difficult. Body type can not be adjusted but you can adhere to the appropriate regime and lifestyle to stay in shape. How to find out the reason why the belly grows, how to cope with this annoying problem and whether it is possible to avoid the accumulation of fat in the waist. Learn the details by reading the article further.

Natural causes of the abdomen in women

In most cases extra centimeters on the waist appear due to the abuse of high-calorie food, low physical activity we recommend reading an article about the causes of excess weight. Especially urgent problem after 30 years. Metabolic processes at a young age are much faster, because even with increased absorption of food the body remains slender. After 30 all processes of an organism slow down and excess calories instantly affect appearance.

Quite often the female half begins to grow belly only because they are predisposed to this because of the peculiarities of the physique. For male body type girls preserve femininity and attractiveness but the extra inches they primarily accumulate on the waist like men. If that’s the reason what to do? Unfortunately significantly affect the appearance of the body does not work. You can only adjust the diet and reduce the volume due to special training.

It is worth noting that this is especially true for women who gave birth. It is much more difficult to solve an existing problem than to prevent it. Excellent prevention of the appearance of the abdomen are sports and regular exercise on the press and sides.

As a violation of posture affects the size of the abdomen

Sometimes the extra inches in the waist is a consequence of poor posture. And even with a small weight the tummy can strongly act. The reason for this is that the curvature of the spine leads to the displacement of the abdominal organs from their places and as a result they are a little forward.

This problem is common among adolescents and as they grow older the condition only worsens. Very often such violations leads to sedentary work when the spine for a long time to be in an uncomfortable position. How to be in this case?

The water takes part of the load on itself, and the vertebrae become in the natural correct state. The result is maintained by the back muscles which are also strengthened by swimming. With regular training the displaced organs will be in place the flaws of the figure will be corrected.

Hormonal glitches and waist size

Often in women, the cause of abdominal growth is menopause. This is due to the fact that menopause entails a slowdown or complete cessation of the production of a number of hormones. Until that time estrogens affect the increase in blood concentrations of thyroxine which is produced by the thyroid gland and is responsible for metabolism. But since age greatly affects the amount of estrogen the activity of the gland is reduced which accordingly leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes.

Every day the amount of energy consumed is reduced and the level of activity and food consumption remains the same. Which clearly leads to weight gain. That’s why with age a growing belly of a female.

The effect of stress on the woman’s body and excess weight

The accumulation of fat at the waist can also be a consequence of stress. These concepts are interrelated as the body under stress begins active production of cortisol a hormone that promotes fat deposition. In addition many prefer to experience stressful situations absorbing food. In this case you should monitor the power and try not to seize the nervous tension. It is recommended to drink more water as the liquid will reduce the rate of stress hormones. Walking in the fresh air breathing exercises-all these ways to deal with stress is much more useful for the figure.

Why the body of a woman begins to absorb fat in the male type If the fat is absorbed in women in the male type it is almost certainly due to the influence of stress on the body. This condition inhibits the work of the ovaries they do not produce hormones in the right amount. Eventually the body becomes similar to men’s type in particular it is specified protruding stomach. This can cause a number of diseases.

How to get rid of the stomach by adjusting the food

Malnutrition is certainly a leader among the causes of fat accumulation in the lower abdomen. Therefore it is necessary to know what mistakes of a diet lead to emergence of deposits on a waist.

In particular, this:

  • large portions and overeating that is, what leads to stretching the walls of the stomach;
  • no regular meals when a man long not eating much eats;
  • the absence of Breakfast the consumption of most of the food in the afternoon; the presence in the diet of harmful products: sweets, chips, fatty foods and so on;
  • large amounts of sugar and sugar-containing products;
  • incorrect power supply.

To get rid of the belly and extra pounds on the sides and waist is to reconsider your diet and build a menu on such habits:

  • no fast hard diets;
  • it is recommended that frequent smaller meals;
  • sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • the use of protein foods;
  • fats in the diet should be mandatory, but from useful sources: nuts, fish and other;
  • the menu should be as varied as possible;

Snacks are allowed, but they should be useful. Fruit, some nuts, boiled eggs, vegetables. If there was a feeling of hunger, it is better to satisfy the need for food.

Than less movement, the more open

Another common reason for accumulation of belly fat is lack of exercise. For the body, lack of movement is a serious burden. The calories have nowhere to spend their surplus is going in the waist. And this is not the only negative consequence of a sedentary lifestyle there is also muscle atrophy a problem with blood vessels and various diseases. Only muscle work is able to cope with fat deposits which implies greater physical activity. If energy is not consumed the muscles become weak and unable to perform their functions in particular to break down fats.

It is clear that in this case the problem is solved only by physical activity. Ideally training should be given several times a week. It is important to combine types of exercises such as cardio with a complex on the press or muscle strengthening.

Why after birth starts to grow a belly

After the birth of a child for the female figure comes a difficult period. This is due to the following reasons:

  • the fruit of the growth stretches the abdominal wall and can be difficult after childbirth to return to the previous form;
  • there are changes in the hormonal background which also affects the appearance;

In combination all these factors can greatly affect the figure. What to do in this case? First, feeding promotes postpartum recovery. It is also important to control the diet the diet should be balanced. It is necessary to allocate time for rest, sleep and exercise. There are special trainings for mothers with babies. Even the usual walks in the Park with a stroller will be useful for the female figure, health and mood.

Itself skinny, open big: why

It happens that the stomach is ugly bulges even in slender women. And to cope with such imbalances does not work is not the adjustment of nutrition or sports training.

This may be the following reasons:

  • Causes bloating and enlargement. The cause of flatulence can be dysbacteriosis, any digestive disorders it can also be a temporary phenomenon provoked by food.
  • If toxins accumulate in the intestine, digestion deteriorates, food is collected and the volume of the abdomen from above increases. In this case, cleaning the intestines with laxatives or enema will help.
  • Disproportion of the figure is also caused by congenital pathology which is characterized by an elongated intestine.

There are many reasons why women’s stomachs grow. Whatever the cause of this condition it is possible to solve the problem by adjusting first of all lifestyle and nutrition. It is desirable to abandon bad habits maintain physical activity do not sit long at the computer. If you have problems with weight you should immediately consult your doctor. Taking the necessary measures with a slight increase in the waist you can quickly return to its former shape and prevent the development of many serious diseases.


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