What Will Happen If You Do The Plank Each Day

Plank – one of the most common and convenient exercises for training the press. This is a static exercise that is when a person does not move but stands still. In static exercises the trainee freezes in an uncomfortable and tense position, forcing the muscles to support the body and work actively. What happens if you do the bar every day only sometimes making a weekend? You will be able to strengthen the abdominal press as well as arms, legs and back. Another advantage of the exercise – the speed of its implementation. It will have to spend a maximum of five minutes. This exercise will be a good alternative to the gym – performing during breaks during the working day saves time and improves the quality of the body.

Use of exercise

The bar can be performed daily in any environment – at home in the gym, outdoors, in the evening or in the morning. Its implementation will not take much time but it will warm up your tired body and invigorate you.

You ask a question if to do a level every day what will be result? When doing the exercise every day after 2-3 weeks you will notice that the stomach has become slightly smaller and the posture has become straight. And the more repetitions you will do every day the faster you will see the first result. The main thing – do not train to exhaustion because after a couple of days of training can get bored.

As the coach says a daily bar for 1 minute a day is a great way to strengthen the muscles, tighten the stomach and recharge your energy for the whole day. And after a couple of weeks of doing the exercise every day you will get amazing results.

Strengthening the core muscles

The main advantage of the exercise – strengthening the press. By strengthening this muscle group you provide support to the internal organs to avoid their descent and back injuries.

Doing just one exercise strengthens several major muscles:

  • Transverse (it helps a person to lift heavy weights);
  • Straight line (these are the “cubes press” also helps to keep balance when jumping);
  • Oblique (train muscles that are responsible for bending and twisting);

All these muscles create a beautiful press and help to pick up the saggy stomach.

Bar for weight loss

Plank helps a person to lose weight and be in good physical shape.

It contributes to:

  • Strengthen all muscle groups. During the execution, the muscles of the hands, press, buttocks, thighs and back are included in the work. Although the training does not take much time the whole body is loaded quite strongly;
  • Drawing relief. Many starting to pump the press dream to get rid of the fat layer and buy a clear press. Plank – the same exercise the implementation of which burns fat on the stomach and draws relief. The exercise will be effective only for those who have already scored sufficient muscle mass and holds the power to burn off the extra fat. One bar is ineffective for improving the terrain there is a need for an integrated approach.
  • Slender hips. Exercise removes fat not only from the abdomen but also from the thighs. It does not increase muscle mass but only makes the body work harder and burn calories. Of course one execution of statics will not help in achieving the goal there is a need for an integrated approach. Jogging, swimming or Cycling are also available.
  • Tight buttocks. Such a quick exercise as the strap will help to tighten the buttocks make their shape more rounded and beautiful. Without performing basic training, of course you will not be able to pump your buttocks elbow stand is used only as a Supplement to the basic training.
  • Weight loss and getting rid of the fat layer. The plank strengthens the body and increases its overall tone but it does not burn so many calories. Therefore for weight loss you need to do Jogging or other sport. Very well suited cardio exercises as they will help in getting rid of fat on the legs and the bar in turn will make the body fit.

Another plus of this exercise – it can be performed without additional equipment and anywhere. You can stand in the bar at home, on the street or in the hall. You can do the rack during morning exercises, training in the gym or during the day in between working at the computer. Doing this workout is very useful after a hard day’s work it will help you relax and fall asleep.

The plank for better health

Plank also improves human health well-being and physical fitness.

This exercise helps in:

  • Increase metabolism and blood circulation. During the exercise the muscles tense up and begin to disperse the blood throughout the body. Starts active calorie burning, which continues even after exercise. Exercise which slimming performs in the morning starts the metabolism for the whole day and improves digestion, absorption of trace elements and vitamins.
  • Improved flexibility. You can make the muscles more plastic and the body more flexible and without stretching the body. Planck prepares the body to more difficult exercises making it stronger, tougher and ready to stretch.
  • Elimination of pain. People who lead a low-activity lifestyle often experience pain due to diseases of the spine. It is proved that daily training helps to reduce back pain or get rid of them at all. Planck helps to get rid of pain for people suffering from osteochondrosis and scoliosis.
  • Increase stamina. Since the plank is a static exercise, it improves the parameters of strength and endurance very well. After a few weeks of training you can increase the level of loads starting to perform more complex options. Starting to train you can easily move on to more complex exercises such as training in the gym with extra weight.
  • Improving feelings of balance. Plank trains the vestibular apparatus, helping to keep balance. The press is responsible for keeping the balance, and the stand on the elbows just strengthens them. Because of this and improves balance.

During the exercise the muscles tense up and begin to work the body secretes serotonin and endorphin – hormones of joy and pleasure.

So, the bar is a great universal exercise that is suitable for daily performance. If you do it daily after a few weeks you will get a tight stomach beautiful legs and back. In addition to weight loss it improves health and increases physical endurance. It is also suitable for evening training, helping to relieve stress after a hard work.


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