What Can You Eat For Psoriasis?

One of the existing nutrition plans for psoriasis involves maintaining the correct acid-base balance in the body. It is believed that the internal environment of our body should be predominantly alkaline, not acidic, and this can be achieved with the help of proper selection of food and maintaining an optimal emotional background. In the diet of patients with psoriasis, the number of alkaline-forming products should be 2-4 times higher than the number of acid-forming products.

Psoriasis continues to be a mystery to experts. Despite a large number of theories about its origin, the unambiguous causes of the disease have not yet been named. A complete cure for psoriasis is not yet possible, so the therapy offered by modern medicine is aimed at eliminating the symptoms and achieving long-term remission.

The most important condition for the successful treatment of psoriasis is the observance of a special diet. The most popular today is the pegano diet.

Three whales of the pegano system

John pegano is a famous American doctor, known as the Creator of a unique method of treating psoriasis without the use of drugs. Taking as a basis the ideas of the American healer Edgar Cayce, he developed his own program of non-drug treatment of psoriasis.

In accordance with the theory of pegano, the occurrence of dermatological diseases indicates an internal imbalance, primarily acid-base. In his opinion, psoriasis, like other dermatoses, is a consequence of the accumulation of toxins in the intestine. Disruption of the intestine leads to the fact that toxic compounds are not excreted in time and get into the bloodstream and lymph. In case of failure in the work of other organs of the excretory system-lungs and kidneys-the excretion of toxins occurs through the skin.

Bowel dysfunction can be associated with many factors, in particular:

  • eating large amounts of carbohydrate foods;
  • taking certain medications: corticosteroids, antibiotics;
  • infectious disease.

When they appear, it is necessary to apply urgent measures to avoid serious complications. Maintaining health is possible in the presence of three important components:

  • Proper diet.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins.

John pegano has developed a unique method of treating psoriasis with a special system of nutrition. He created a diet for psoriasis has received worldwide recognition and is now successfully used in many countries.

Not diet.

For the effectiveness of treatment should adhere to some principles:

  1. Before proceeding to the main part of the treatment, it is necessary to clean the intestines.

Patients are offered two ways:

  • Respect five-day monofractal diet.
  • Adherence to a three-day Apple or citrus diet.

For effective bowel cleansing, enterosorbents and colon therapy should also be taken regularly.

  1. It is necessary to perform daily physical exercises to prevent diseases of the spine. Pegano claims that in his practice, he repeatedly faced a situation where problems with the spine provoked the appearance of symptoms of skin diseases. He explains such a relationship with circulatory disorders and the formation of foci of stagnation due to pathological changes in the intervertebral discs.

Regular skin cleansing procedures should be carried out. You can take a bath, visit the bath, sauna. Steam baths are also useful.

It is important to keep a good mood: avoid conflict situations, stress, give enough time to rest.

Nutrition recommendations for psoriasis by pegano.

Nutrition in psoriasis should provide support for optimal acid-base balance in the body. For recovery, it is necessary to shift the balance towards the alkaline component. PH is influenced by food intake and emotional state.

The diet should consist of 70-80% of alkaline-forming products. These include:

  • The exceptions are plums, currants, prunes, cranberries.
  • Exception: all nightshade: potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers. It is necessary to reduce to a minimum the consumption of legumes, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts.
  • In addition, to increase the alkaline component of food is recommended:
  • Add lecithin to it.
  • Use the juices of apricot, pear, papaya, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lemon (pre-diluted in a glass of water).
  • Include in the diet vegetable juices: beets, carrots, parsley, onions, spinach.
  • Before going to bed, drink a glass of water with 3-5 drops of glycotimoline (alkaline intestinal antiseptic).

It is also important:

  • Use alkaline mineral water.
  • To take measures for the normalization of the bowel.
  • Do not forget about physical activity.
  • Develop a positive attitude to life, avoid negative emotions and stress.

Acid-forming products should be only 20-30% of the diet. Their use leads to the creation of an acid reaction in the blood, which provokes an exacerbation of psoriasis. This group includes products with a high content of proteins, sugars, starch, fats: meat, cheeses, grains, sugar, beans, potatoes, butter, cream.


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