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To lose weight quickly there are different methods. Most of them make a person angry and not satisfied with their condition. Not having nerves of steel, exhausting feeling of hunger will force to throw the begun business at the very beginning because it is very heavy to fight against it. Weight loss and weight loss in a short time is very difficult and it has its own reasons.

First of all it is psychologically too difficult for a person to switch to low-calorie food and eat healthy products unusually few calories per day. This increases the risks of falling. In addition it is noted that a large amount of adipose tissue in a short time to remove at home is unrealistic. This will take a period of time much longer than a couple of weeks. At the same time rapid weight loss almost always ends with a return to the original form. Next will be highlighted ways to quickly lose weight without problems and breakdowns and possibly with pleasure. Questions will be discussed what to eat and what to refrain from-what products are right for you choose yourself. If necessary you can consult your doctor.

You need to eat on time

Before eating you must turn on the timer and set it for 20 minutes. All this time you need to slowly chew the food enjoying every piece. Unhurried pace of absorption of food gives great pleasure and from a smaller amount of food. It triggers the production of the hormone satiety in the body. If you eat quickly the stomach does not have time to convey to the brain about its saturation and the person overeats. This habit replaces all diets for weight loss as significantly reduced calories.

Full sleep helps to reduce weight

Scientists from Michigan have proven that an extra hour of sleep helps to lose up to 6 pounds a year. It has been experimentally proven that if you replace a pointless activity and unnecessary snacks it is feasible to reduce the consumption of calories by 6%. For each person it will be the indicators.

Include more vegetables in the diet

If you eat at a time not one vegetable but three, the amount of food consumed will be greater. By including a large number of fruit and vegetable products in the menu the weight will begin to decrease imperceptibly. They have a lot of water and dietary fiber which contributes to rapid saturation and reduce calories eaten. Cook them better without fat you can season with lemon juice, herbs. No need to fill vegetables with fatty sauces and other seasonings based on oil – this will increase the calories in the diet.

Be sure to eat soups-it reduces calories

A healthy diet involves the inclusion in the menu of soups on meat or vegetable broth. This perfectly quenches hunger with calories in the stomach comes a little. Soup should be eaten at the beginning so he quenched the first hunger and made a meal at a leisurely pace. You need to prepare any broth but not greasy or salty and then add fresh or frozen vegetables and cook until tender.

Eat whole grain products

The diet system includes whole grain products such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, wheat, which contribute to weight loss. Dishes from grain products faster saturate the stomach while you can eat fewer calories. In addition help in reducing cholesterol in the blood. In the shop you can buy products made from whole grains: waffles, rolls, white bread, pasta.

Need to try on clothes from the past

Women to lose weight stimulate trying on clothes from the past. It is necessary to put in a prominent place once favorite things: dress, pants, skirt and on occasion to try them on. First choose the product which is a little cramped so you can quickly achieve the desired result and dress outfit. Then can be cooked the other which frankly small and go to a certain goal.

Do not consume bacon to reduce total calories

The principles of dietary nutrition are based on the fact that losing weight should eat lean meals. You can’t eat Breakfast or make bacon sandwiches. This contributes to the fact that losing weight begins to consume less calories per 100 per day and for the year really reduce the weight by 4 kg.make better sandwiches with tomatoes, sweet pepper, seasoned with granular mustard and light spread, sprinkled with cheese.

Oven vegetable pizza for weight loss

Cook only vegetable pizza instead of meat. It is just as satisfying if you put a light low-fat cheese in it. The cake thinner than usual. This will help to remove another 100 calories and your diet.

Do not consume sugar

In diet replace one drink with the sugars on simple or mineral water. It turns out that the body did not get ten spoonfuls of sugar a day – and this is not less than 700 calories. To taste and smell the drink were pleasant put it in a slice of lemon, mint leaf or frozen strawberries. Sweet drinks do not signal saturation and the body gets extra calories. Sweet drinks give the body more calories than candy.

Drink from tall thin glasses

Instead of wide and low glasses train yourself to use thin and high. Thus the intake of calories is reduced if you consume juices wine and other sweet drinks because the volume of liquid is reduced by 25-30%. It is scientifically proven that the visual perception of the volume of liquid is deceptive. In wide glasses, as a rule the drink is drunk more.

To limit the consumption of alcohol

At any feast after the first alcoholic drink you should switch to non-alcoholic low-calorie such as plain carbonated water. You should not drink cocktails, beer or wine. Alcohol contains more calories than carbohydrates or proteins. In addition alcohol depresses willpower and a person begins to eat what he did not allow himself before – chips, nuts and other high-calorie Goodies and these are additional calories.

Go for green tea

Proper nutrition for weight loss involves the advice to use green tea. Due to the effects of substances contained in green tea – catechins some time there is an increased burning of fats. The drink is low in calories and very refreshing.

Taking medications to reduce weight

Fast weight loss is impossible without the use of special drugs. It is not about supplements that cause diuretic effect or diarrhea. Drink drugs for weight loss should be prescribed by a doctor and do not need to overdo it with their reception.

Yoga classes for weight loss

American scientists have concluded that women who practice yoga are much slimmer who do not. After all those who came to this direction changing the regime and diet. It is more meaningful in terms of the impact on the body and figure. Even when serving a large portion they eat as much as necessary for saturation. Yoga helps to develop a calm self-awareness that prevents overeating.

Eat home food

You should try to eat home-cooked food at least once a day. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Diet food can be prepared from the products purchased in the store: low-fat, cut into pieces of meat, cooked fish and chicken, washed lettuce, canned vegetables.

To pause during a meal

Sometimes a person during a meal puts the device for a couple of minutes and pauses in eating. This suggests that he is almost full. In this case he is not threatened with overeating. Try to pause it is necessary for weight loss.

Chew mint gum

If you want something to eat better chew mint gum. It will overpower the taste of any food that is already gone. Often at a party when watching TV, traveling on the Internet I really want to chew something chewing gum will replace a snack.

Eat from small plates

Effective weight loss is guaranteed if there are small plates. So portion visually looks larger, but in fact, the amount of food is small. Thus a person begins to consume less calories per day by 100-200. For the year so you can lose 5-10 lbs.

Eat the right portions

Eating small portions constantly or in a certain period of time help to reduce and maintain weight. At first it will be difficult then it will become a habit to impose a little food and hunger will not torment.

Use the rule of 80%

Usually a person eats so much until he is satisfied. But the Okinawans eats until saturation will not occur at 80%. This has become a habit of all people and has its name. A healthy habit should take root in your intake of food.

The restaurant

As a rule the restaurant food is delicious but not balanced and very nutritious. Therefore visiting this institution so as not to gain extra calories you need to follow these rules: share a portion with a friend instead of the main course you can take a snack ask to put the baby a plate half the food to take beloved Pets. Half of the main course can be replaced with a salad to maintain balance.

Use only low-fat sauces

There are better sauces on a tomato basis they are not fat and not high-calorie compared with a creamy basis. Do not forget about the size of the portion. For example pasta on a plate should be no more than the volume of a tennis ball.

Burn 100 calories more

Not always diet brings the desired result. It is necessary to apply physical activity. If burn every day on 100 calories more then can be losing 5 kg in year. As a physical activity you can choose to walk, weeding, cleaning the house, Jogging. How to reduce weight choose a method themselves. But having achieved though a small result reward yourself with the purchase of updates going to the movies and eat the forbidden dish in small quantities it will not do harm. A balanced diet taking into account gender, age, lifestyle and health, is sure to bear fruit.


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