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Girls and women who have been trying to put their figure in order for a long time with the help of weight loss, are often concerned about the same problem – nutrition. During the course of the diet the girls eat right adhere to all the rules, play sports given the caloric content and in the end – the extra pounds do not go anywhere and in some cases even gaining weight. In 80% of cases women fall into depression and from this they begin to “seize” it. As a result-a vicious circle with various consequences of nutrition and health. Since the task of weight loss is quite a complex program many nutritionists and nutritionists recommend only one way – a diary of weight loss.

With that you will have a chance to track your diet daily routine, kilograms, calories, centimeters in the waist, legs, abdomen, etc. Those girls who will be during the diet to play sports at home or visit the gym it is also recommended to record everything that happens to the body and the body for weight loss. This kind of way out of the situation can help to achieve the desired results without investment and exhausting calculations of caloric content in the head (what you ate, what you forgot when you ate, etc.).

Creating a weight loss diary

Many girls only having heard this phrase without studying further actions take the usual notebook and write there quantity and caloric content of the eaten food being limited only to these data. The main thing in the diary – goals for weight loss, the right diet, the correct distribution of time.

If we talk separately about the goals we can highlight the most important:

  • Real purpose. No one will argue that it is not harmful to dream but you need to look at things like weight loss more realistically and honestly. Few people can boast of losing 20 kg or more in a couple of weeks and it happens so you want. But setting a real goal of weight loss you need to start from these results – 600-800 grams for 5-6 days this is a very real result that can be achieved. Even if you have more thrown off grams-this is a plus only to your efforts in nutrition!
  • Measurable targets. Those ladies who suffer from excess weight all their lives it will be extremely difficult to get rid of it quickly but for them there is an optimal solution – to create a weight loss diary. The second step is not measurement of their cm after every feed and just giving away products that stimulate their growth (fried, smoked, fast food, irregular meals and the wrong type of food).
  • Do not be lazy as you go through the diet and do not put for yourself the lowest level (5 kg for 5 months). You should start with higher levels of implementation of the goals and approach them comprehensively.
  • Phase-out target. If you have a desire to throw off 9 kg s three months it is not necessary to take this figure immediately as the main. Divide it into 3 months at three pounds so it will be right, and divided and stimulating purpose. It is necessary to aspire to it reviewing the food and a mode.

This kind of goal must be in every woman their. Once you have decided to start a diet diary you should write them on the first page of the diary, you can in the form of tables, if only it was clear to what purpose you should go. In any case you can not give up and lose heart that will not work. A maintain the strength and confidence write in large letters motivational words that help continue to struggle with weight.

How to keep a diary

In the first days of keeping a diary many girls may think that this is a boring and unnecessary thing. But to avoid this you should initially take care of what kind will have your diary. It should be interesting, bright to write in it was a pleasure. The design should be intriguing and beautiful.

The next page should contain the following information:

  • Height, weight, volume of the whole body (arms, legs, chest, waist, hips, neck, calves);
  • The desired weight you are aiming for;
  • Next you need to glue a picture of your real character and appearance to the end of the cycle diet you can stick next to (before and after).

In order to keep a diary was correct you should also use the table calorie,calorie burning in compliance with the use of certain foods burning calories in sports etc.They can be rewritten by creating a table and you can find a sample on the Internet for free in the form of a calorie calculator.

Next food diary will consist of the following pages and data on the progress of weight loss:

  • This weight (on an empty stomach with a good and accurate weights in the morning before Breakfast);
  • Periods of eating including the names of techniques (snack, second Breakfast, etc.), with the exact hours of eating;
  • The amount of food eaten and alcohol consumed (ml, grams);
  • The calorie content of each product used (including the table of caloric content);
  • Number of physical activities performed (if any).

On each page at the bottom should be allocated a place for the outcome of the day: health what are the overall results achieved, what mood, how is the meal, what has changed and what has deteriorated, etc.on the Internet you can find samples of diaries that will attract attention and help to stimulate weight loss. Now you know how to keep a diet diary for weight loss, but do not forget to do it correctly and correctly, every day and with an understanding of the work done on your body.

Online diaries of weight loss

In today’s world in addition to the diaries of weight loss in writing there is an electronic diary that can be downloaded as a normal program and use it without any problems online. Any of these sites can be downloaded to your phone or laptop or computer.

In the electronic diary you can also record all your achievements highlighting a couple of lines for the result of your hard day during the diet: how you feel what General results are achieved what mood, how the meal is, what has changed and what has deteriorated, etc.in the diary of weight loss – online you can also record your new culinary preparations so as not to forget. During the preservation of such recipes the calculator itself will be able to calculate the caloric content and present the result of the eaten. Many sites already have a variety of ready-made recipes that will suit many to taste and this will require you to copy and paste the recipe in your diary. Updated cookbook every day 80% of sites about proper nutrition. Another positive and interesting point in the creation of such a diary – the ability to communicate with the same “owners” diaries like you. To do this create special chat rooms where people can share their results, photos, recipes, results of diets. When you download the online diary to your phone you will not lose your data and they will always be with you wherever you are.


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