Watermelon At Weight Loss

Watermelon appeared for the first time in South Africa it is this region that lovers of this delicious and juicy berry owe. Perhaps since the days of Egypt’s famous watermelons. In Western Europe they were brought during the period when the Crusades were held and only in the 16th century Russians learned about it. Almost every berry is associated with the summer probably everyone knows that this berry is quite useful for the body. In particular, it is famous for its trace elements, which in its composition a large number. But can I eat watermelon during weight loss or not — the question is relevant.

Thanks to him improves the liver, intestinal tract. However it is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. However, the immune system as a whole becomes stronger and better. There is an opinion that the watermelon is an excellent assistant in the fight against excess weight, because it has very few calories. And experts recommend eating berries even for diabetics and slimming people.


The calorie content of watermelon per 100 grams is 40 calories. However this is a very low-calorie product. Even the sugar that is in the composition does not affect weight gain because it is perfectly absorbed and excess weight is not added.

Nutritional value of berries:

Substance Grams per 100 grams.

  • Fats – 0,1
  • Carbohydrates – 5,8
  • Water – 92,6
  • Protein – 0.6
  • Dietary fiber – 0,1
  • Organic acids – 0,1

If in moderation to use itit is impossible to recover from it. In addition you can stick and watermelon monodieta and there are for a few days only one watermelon.

In watermelon a large number of vitamins and minerals. It is in the red flesh of the berries is a huge amount of useful elements as well as vitamins A, E, C, B9, B6, B2, B1, PP.

The main carbohydrate is fructose not sucrose as is commonly thought. And this fact makes it possible to eat berries even people suffering from diabetes.

Content of macronutrients and vitamins

Macronutrients Amount per 100 g, milligrams

  • Calcium – 14
  • Sodium – 16
  • Iron – 1
  • Potassium – 64
  • Magnesium – 224


Quantity per 100 gr, milligrams

  • Beta-carotene – 0,1
  • Riboflavin – 0.06
  • Folic acid – 8
  • Thiamine – 0.04
  • Pyridoxine – 0,09

It is very useful to use the flesh of men because it is an excellent prevention of male infertility and improves potency. This is explained by the fact that there is lycopene in the composition which is known for its antioxidant properties. Pulp and juice is an excellent diuretic and choleretic.

Dietary fibers in the pulp are needed for the body number makes watermelon good for your colon. The kidneys and the liver will say “thank you” with sufficient use of berries and the level of cholesterol in the blood will be less.

Is the berry useful for weight loss

Many people wonder whether it is possible to eat watermelon on a diet? Watermelon fiber is useful in that it has a laxative property on the body, in particular, it puts in order the function of the intestine. This means that the berry will help to cope with constipation and remove cholesterol from the body.

However before you lose weight on a diet where the main dish is watermelon you need to take into account several factors:

  • Does a person have diabetes
  • Do you suffer from more useful pancreas and prostate
  • Presence of kidney stones.

If any of the above is available then the amount of this product should be limited. In other cases — green.

It is also important that there are no nitrates in the berry because there is a high probability of vomiting diarrhea and nausea. Nitrates are dangerous for those who suffer from kidney disease as well as for children.

The use of watermelon in weight loss

Some say that during weight loss it is necessary to refuse a watermelon, especially from its use before going to bed. This is due to the fact that the berry gives a great load on the circulatory system as well as on the digestive system. In fact, there are many examples that prove that watermelon pulp helps to lose weight. The only drawback in this matter is the seasonality of the berries because it is sold only in the summer. It is useful to eat watermelon because it suffers from hypertension, which is often adjacent to obesity. It has a lot of magnesium. If you suffer from hypertension you need to arrange fasting days that will bestrictly controlled by the doctor. To get the necessary amount of magnesium it is enough to eat about 150 grams of pulp per day and if you want to get a healing effect then about 2 kilograms.

It is especially important that the berry can be combined with a variety of products. How exactly does watermelon help you lose weight? It is the composition of the berries makes it possible to reduce weight. Actively begin to function the circulatory and digestive systems. It is no secret that the basis of berries – water and minerals. There are practically no fats and proteins in it. Have carbohydrates, which give pulp sweetness. However, these carbohydrates are not long in the body, quickly splitting, so they are not converted into fat deposits. And water is able to remove harmful elements from the body in particular slags and toxins.


Of course, where there is benefit, there is likely to be harm. Therefore using watermelon you need to remember the important rules:

  • Before use do not eat foods with a high salt content as well as smoked.
  • Eating watermelon is threatened by the appearance of swelling and bloating.
  • Watermelon should not be used by people who are allergic to pollen of weeds because it can only provoke negative reactions. It could be burning, itching.
  • Watermelon containing various chemicals is harmful. Most often these are available in melons which are sold in the summer. In August, this berry is most available.
  • Do not eat nitrate watermelon to those who suffer from liver disease as well as pregnant women.

Watermelon diet

There are several types of watermelon diets. The first is different in that you can eat watermelon in any quantity throughout the day and add it to a variety of dishes. Maybe for someone new but with it you can cook a lot of delicious dishes.

Forget about the usual cooking, make a delicious watermelon puree add lemon, ginger and herbs to taste. So you can eat no more than three days. If you tolerate this diet, then increase it to 5 days. But no more, because there is a possibility of increasing the concentration of arsenic in the body. But it is better if the duration of the diet will appoint a nutritionist. In fact, the reviews of those who have already tried the diet are amazing, because in three days it is possible to lose up to 4 kilograms.

In order to achieve the desired results, it is impossible to eat sugar, eggs, foods high in carbohydrates, dairy products, fats and cereals during the watermelon diet.

Go out and diet should be very careful, eat Breakfast cereals or porridge, cottage cheese with Apple, tea. For lunch, eat a salad of vegetables and herbs, fish or meat, one egg. Eat watermelon for dinner too. In fact, watermelon diet impresses many, thanks to the excellent result, you come back to it every time. And all because it is easy and tasty to sit, and the pounds at the same time gradually go away.

The advantages of the diet

The watermelon diet has a huge number of advantages, which one way or another has already been mentioned above.

However, it is worth to sum up that thanks to this diet you can:

  • it is not necessary to count the amount necessary for the use of watermelon
  • no need to spend a lot of money to buy products
  • use of watermelon makes it possible to cleanse the body
  • the berries valuable composition, useful for the organism as a whole.

However, you need to listen to your body, because the kidneys when you use the pulp there is a large load, such a monodiet is quite tough, at first the diet displays only liquid, fat is not present. In some cases, watermelon together with harmful substances removes sodium, potassium.

Is it possible to eat watermelon at night

It is known that it is in the evening we so much begins to want to eat junk food. And this desire will perfectly satisfy a watermelon. Just a small piece of watermelon is able to saturate the body, and the sweetness of watermelon overripe desire to eat salted or smoked food. This is a great dinner, which removes from the body accumulated harmful deposits. Therefore, eating watermelon at night is a good way to lose weight. This is what nutritionists are saying aloud.

Remember that this dish alone, to interfere with eating bread, rolls and other products is not necessary, because it causes fermentation in the stomach. This can lead to upset stomach, General discomfort and bloating. It is not necessary to eat products with a high salt content before eating the pulp, this contributes to the appearance of puffiness on the body.


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