Walking With Leslie Sanson

In order to lose weight and make the figure relief and tightened it is not necessary to go to the gym or fitness. Burn excess fat can be and other way – engage on program “Walking with Leslie Sanson”. The course of these exercises will help to tighten the body without effort. At the heart – the usual charging based on walking at an average pace. This program with Leslie Sanson is suitable for people with knee injuries, vascular and heart diseases, as well as pregnant women and women on maternity leave. The complex does not require dumbbells or a special Mat and you can even engage in home clothes.

Details of a simple and accessible method

Complex training facilities “Walking with Leslie Sanson” is divided into five parts differing levels of training and load. All parts have similar names that differ only in the intensity and number of miles that have to be overcome.

If you used to lead a sedentary lifestyle the first course of classes will help you get rid of 2-5 kg (depending on weight). In the second year you can lose 1.5 – 0.5 kg, the third – 1 kg.

At the latest and most difficult course, you can lose about 2-3 kg. If you combine the complex with a strict diet or proper nutrition you can throw off from 9 to 11 kg per month.

Classes with Leslie Sanson are fine.:

  • People who lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Pregnant;
  • People who are overweight and obese;
  • Elderly;
  • Having health problems;
  • Recently recovered from an injury.

How to start doing sports

Classes at different levels with Leslie Sanson have different complexity and duration. You need to start from the very first so that the body was able to adapt to the loads.

Program features

Not all people can fully train in the hall for weight loss. The elderly, people with diseases of the joints and pregnant it is better to workout at home and not in the gym. The “Walking with Leslie Sanson” type of complements help to safely and painlessly lose weight of any category of people. Workout with Leslie Sansone you can combine with the diet and just indulge in the pleasure.

From classes in the hall “Walking with Leslie Sanson” is different in that:

  • You need to walk at the same pace determined by the level of employment. The pulse should be the same for all classes;
  • Complexes with Leslie Sanson are divided into 5 parts each has a different duration and intensity. After mastering one part the trainee moves on to the next;
  • You can study at home without additional equipment so even women can train on maternity leave;
  • It is possible to be engaged in any convenient clothes and without footwear however on the last two steps it is recommended to put on sneakers – knees receive very strong loading.

The program is suitable for both women and men there are no differences in it. Every week the load increases.

Training schedule is:

  • First week – 6 miles;
  • Second week – 7.5 miles;
  • Third week – 8.5 miles;
  • Fourth week – 10 miles.

This system is very gentle and unhurried. If you have played sports before or want to quickly lose weight you can start with the fourth or fifth week of training. You can also engage in one program several times a day or alternate days of intense stress with “light” days.

Walking with Leslie Sanson 1 mile

People with very poor preparation, obesity or joint disease should start with the very first stage of training – 1 mile. The duration of the lesson is comparable to morning exercises lasts 20-30 minutes at a calm pace.

After passing 1 mile the body spends about 40-70 kcal.

Walking with Leslie Sanson 2 miles

Intensive weight loss begins with the second week and the passage of two miles per workout. The body is already set up for weight loss loads help fat burning. 2 miles take more than 30 minutes of time after training there is a slight fatigue in the muscles of the legs and press.

Walking with Leslie Sansone 3 mile

If there are no health problems and a lot of overweight you can start practicing it with three miles. The lesson lasts more than 50 minutes, the distance covered is about 5 km. the legs and abdominal muscles are Involved the muscles of the hands practically do not train. The pace of training is fast and suitable for those who want to lose weight in a short time.

Walking with Leslie Sansone 4 mile

At the penultimate stage the load is even higher – the trainee passes 4 miles or 6.5 km per hour. For such a serious training requires preparation or good physical shape. During the lesson you can include encouraging music.

Walking with Leslie Sansone 5 miles

5 miles – the most difficult stage of training. Walking in some moments is replaced by light running during training additional light exercises are performed. During this period the body spends from 450 to 600 kcal (depending on weight).

Why walking?

Not everyone believes that a simple workout on the spot will help them lose weight. However those who have tried the system “Walking with Leslie Sanson” argue the opposite – a safe and unhurried weight loss is possible.

Such trainings are effective because of:

  • Sufficient load on the heart;
  • Acceleration of blood through the muscles and organs;
  • Improve metabolism and accelerate fat consumption;
  • Joint safety.

Daily walking is more useful than running. A calm step does not put the body into a state of stress unlike running and the loss of energy occurs more smoothly for the body. Also, the more you walk during the day, the faster you lose weight.

So training at an average pace contribute to a quick and comfortable weight loss. They are suitable for absolutely everyone, do not overload the body. More trained trainees can start at the second or third level and the training schedule can be set at their own discretion.


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