Top Calorie Burners

In order to lose weight, cardiovascular exercises and activities are a definite must. After all they are responsible for burning the body of the glycerin and the body fats that we all so despise and want to get rid off.

So in line with that here are the top calorie burners for the viewing pleasure of those who really want to shed of some excess pounds.

Running – Good ol’ running is capable of burning 1,000 calories per hour. However this would require a person to be running at a speed of between 7-8 MPH while inserting in speed bursts or sprints for a few minutes. This is however not recommended for most people and only seasoned athletes or those who are used to running will be able to do this. You can cheat your way through this though. Try alternating a 2-minute jog with a 1-minute speed burst or sprint and when I mean sprint run as fast as you can. Do that for 10 minutes and walk for a few minutes to rest. Remember the longer you do this the more calories you will be burning.

Swimming – Michael Phelps takes in more than 7,000 calories a day and look at his body. Swimming is a whole body workout and not just a simple cardiovascular exercise. However not everyone has the luxury of having a swimming pool in their homes or have the time to go to a gym that has a pool and with all the health hazards concerning pools nowadays swimming has become less and less popular.

Tennis – Maria Sharapova. Tennis whether doubles or singles burns a lot of calories. Basically it’s like running but you’re doing it sidewards and you’re using your arms to swing the racket. The only problem is tennis tends to carve up those arms and this can become quite an unpleasant sight for women who have small frames. But, what the hell as long as Maria Sharapova remains the eye-candy for most men, women will be more inclined to play tennis.

Jump Rope – Never underestimate the power of the almighty Jump Rope. Skip roping or jump roping burns more than 700 calories per hour at most and will help tone the legs, arms and shoulders as well as help a person develop a sense of balance. If only this more and more people especially men realized that jump roping is an integral part of a boxing training this particular exercise would be much more popular.

All in all, these are the list of the best way to lose weight through cardiovascular exercises. Remember the basic principle of losing weight is to burn more than what you take in.


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