The Most Unusual Diets

There is no limit to human imagination, especially when it comes to weight loss. In the field of diets, every woman is Shakespeare, Goethe and Dostoevsky in one person. In a word, genius. Only for some reason the problem of excess weight, despite the huge variety of invented ways to get rid of it, remains relevant until now. What did the human mind offer and offers to eliminate fat reserves? We present the most incredible ideas from all over the world.

This is how Japanese bankers lose weight

In any case, one of them clearly succeeded. Tokyo financier Hitoshi Watanabe as a result of the pursuit of a career earned not only a high post, but also a huge belly, from which he could not get rid of. He might still be overweight and short of breath if it weren’t for his girlfriend Sumiko. Especially for her beloved, she has developed a very effective weight loss system.

All the plump banker had to do was eat a few unripe bananas in the morning, washed down with ordinary room temperature water. The effect exceeded all expectations: for a month the plump banker managed to get rid of 13 kg of weight, and for lunch and dinner he ate everything he wanted, without restrictions and prohibitions.

Newly minted nutritionist Sumiko even wrote a book about her technique, in which she explains: the effectiveness of her diet is that it significantly speeds up the metabolism. It’s all about green bananas that contain resistant starch and soluble dietary fiber. They are fermented in the digestive tract for a long time and provide people with energy. Resistant starch does not lead to an increase in blood sugar and stimulates the synthesis of glucagon, which accelerates the process of burning fat.

Today, the banana diet has gained wide popularity in Europe and the United States.

Diet on cookies

It was developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal. Despite a medical education, he came up with the idea of creating a diet based on the enemy of a thin waist – cookies. Of course, weak-willed fatties, all day searching for the answer to the question “What would you eat to lose weight?”, it can not but rejoice. However, you have to add a spoon of tar in barrel of honey (in this case, the packet of biscuits). There is can be not all biscuits consecutive, and exclusive invention the most Sigala-Hollywood Cookie (incidentally, diet so and is called – The Hollywood Cookie Diet). The doctor claims that Hollywood cookies suppress appetite and activate the mechanism of fat burning.

Daily it is necessary to eat at least 6 cookies, the calorie content of which in the amount of 1200 kcal. Another important rule of the diet: you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. For dinner, you can eat seafood or poultry.

The obvious drawback of the Hollywood diet is its obvious imbalance. Despite the content in the miracle cookies proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber, they can not claim to be a universal product. In addition, every day to eat even Hollywood sweets-it’s just boring.

Darwin’s Diet

Famous American actor Adam Scott decided not to particularly bother choosing the most suitable products and cooking and just moved…to feed for monkeys. Scott’s choice is staggering in its logic: in his opinion, what suits our ancestors (at least, primates are such from the point of view of Darwinism), will suit us. Now the actor eats exclusively granulated feed for monkeys, enriched with vitamins and mineral compounds. Judging by the results of the diet (more precisely, by their absence), the figure of Schwarzenegger does not exactly Shine for Adam. He has a choice between two more real prospects: a hospital bed or a mental hospital. One consolation: the actor after himself will not leave disciples and followers.


To feed on the rays of the sun is very poetic, but not very prudent. Another name for the diet is bretherian. Despite the absurdity of the idea, in the United States created the Institute to promote this way of eating. It is impossible not to recognize the fanaticism of complete rejection of food in the hope of obtaining energy by absorbing sunlight, air and water. But that’s not all. Supporters of santaelena cherished dream thus attain immortality.

The theory of bretheranism was actively promoted in the late 80-ies of the last century, but after the death of several adherents as a result of nutritional deficiencies, the enthusiasm of the rest clearly weakened. Today, sun-eaters adhere to a milder version of the diet, allowing the use of herbal tea and water along with sunlight.

It should be noted that the position of Wiley Brooks-the founder of the Bretheran Institute-is more prudent and not so categorical. He recognizes the need for breaks in the ” solar diet” with the transition to a normal diet to maintain the energy of the body.


Coming up with a name for an unknown country, the writer James Hilton could not imagine that he had created a new word that would be used as a synonym for a beautiful lost Paradise or…not very beautiful diet. It is still unknown why the physiologist and psychologist Seth Roberts called his brainchild So: after all, in the proposed method of weight loss, even with a detailed analysis, nothing heavenly can be found. The system is based on taking a teaspoon of olive oil or sweetened water before eating. It should still be recognized that the complete lack of consistency does not prevent the diet to be quite effective. This way of eating suppresses the appetite. Mr. Roberts argues that during the diet will not have to count calories or limit yourself in the choice of products, but one restriction is still there: from food with a pleasant aroma should be abandoned.

The basis for the “Shangri La” are the flavor of the Association. The use of aromatic products stimulates hunger and provokes overeating. When switching to food with an inexpressive smell and taste, the subconscious ” decides” that it is better to starve. As a result, the very desire to eat disappears. The author of the technique believes that oil and water already contain the necessary calories. In addition, their taste has one feature: it discourages any desire to eat.

Another version of Roberts ‘ diet suggests including foods with unfamiliar flavors on the menu. You can also change the smell of familiar dishes with different spices. This approach allows you to deceive your own brain, creating the illusion of a variety of menus.

It is fair to say that Seth Roberts did not experiment on others, but tested the theory personally on himself. Daily consumption of tasteless food completely relieved him of hunger. Gourmets are horrified: and this is what he calls Paradise?! But Roberts himself is happy: in just 3 months he lost 14 pounds.

Diet according to the Bible

The Creator of the diet is the Reverend George Malkmus. He is sure that it is possible to eat any fruit created by the Creator. The basis of the diet is also vegetables, nuts and beans. If to remove religious component (which, frankly, wears several far-fetched character), then essentially this usual vegetarianism, assuming exclusion any animal products, except honey. The author also believes that most of the products should be eaten raw. He claims that such a system of nutrition helped him get rid of rectal cancer.


Frenchman Lotito not only, to put it mildly, original food, but also earns money from it. How does he do it? Very simple: the showman eats metal, rubber and glass during his performances. Fans bring him ” delicacies” in the form of TVs, bicycles, old cars. But the real record was the absorption of the aircraft “Cessna-150″. However, the plane was easy, and “Mister all-Eater” ate it not at once, and for 12 years. The most offensive is that the original Frenchman does not suffer from at least banal indigestion. Perhaps the secret lies in the mineral oil with which he washes down all sorts of cars, spare parts and scrap metal. Experts estimate: in 40 years of his career, Lotito has devoured more than a ton of metal. Despite the omnivorous Monsieur’s fervent recommendations, no one has yet dared to repeat his diet.

Lord Byron’s vinegar diet

It is said that the brilliant poet purified the body by drinking vinegar diluted in water every day. He also ate potatoes soaked in vinegar and washed them down with English tea. Young contemporaries of Byron tried to follow him in everything, including gastronomic preferences. As for the older generation, they believed that Byron was a bad influence on immature minds.

The benefits of this principle of nutrition is not even worth talking about. He can be characterized by the same epithets that are usually used in relation to the poet himself: crazy, vicious and dangerous.

As for mere mortals, for effective and safe weight loss, they can be advised to already boring all, but no less useful rational nutrition. Of course, it’s not as fun as eating planes, and not as romantic as eating the sun, but at least you can stay alive and even, according to experts, for many years to preserve health and beauty.


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