Rice Diet

Rice diet refers to the most popular methods of weight loss. Everyone who has ever tried to get rid of extra pounds has probably heard about it. Diet refers to the so-called detox techniques – in other words, it is aimed at active cleansing of the body. Excretion of toxins, waste decay products promotes the activation of metabolic processes, so that extra pounds go away.

What does rice have to do with it?

Indeed, how can this simple cereal cleanse the body? The matter is that the rice grains processed in a special way acquire excellent absorbing properties – involve in themselves all unnecessary “production waste” and deduce them in a natural way. As a result, metabolism, blood circulation, lymph flow are normalized, the work of the digestive system is adjusted, the splitting of adipose tissue is accelerated, and the kilograms go away by themselves.

The benefits of the rice diet

  • Effectiveness (nutritionists claim that the rice diet can lose up to 10 kg per week).
  • Safety (with proper selection of rice diet, it can be adhered to for a very long time).
  • Lack of hunger during the diet: rice contains complex carbohydrates that are digested for a long time and create a lasting feeling of satiety.
  • The ability to solve the problem of excess weight at the root-by cleaning the body and regulating metabolic processes.
  • Improvement of health due to the content of a whole bunch of useful vitamins, trace elements, amino acids in cereals.

It is worth listing some of the unique properties of rice due to its useful ingredients:

  • Potassium-necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle. Regular consumption of cereals significantly reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Calcium – strengthens bones, improves the condition of hair, nails.
  • B vitamins-essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Lecithin-stimulates the brain.
  • Iodine-necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

When ingested, the cereal comes into contact with salt (more precisely, with sodium) and removes its excess. Since salt retains water, rice also helps to remove excess water, effectively eliminating puffiness. Due to these properties, cereal is considered one of the most useful products for pathologies of the kidneys and urinary tract.

The benefits of rice lies in the absence of gluten in it – a vegetable protein that often provokes a strong allergic reaction.

Rules of diets on rice

An important condition for the effectiveness of rice diets is compliance with a number of rules.

  1. Never skip Breakfast. In the morning, you should definitely eat rice (the recipe for its preparation is given below).
  2. Do not drink water before eating rice or after it: it impairs its absorbent qualities. Liquid can be to drink for half an hour of exercise until use cereal or later 2-3 hours after him.
  3. However, during the observance of the rice diet, it is necessary to consume a large amount of liquid, as the cereal can provoke constipation. The minimum daily allowance is 1.5-2 liters.
  4. Optimal results can be achieved by limiting the amount of salt. Experts recommend to exclude it from the diet altogether.
  5. Another rule: no semi-finished products, canned food, other products with the addition of flavors, colors, etc. They lead to repeated clogging of the body, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the diet.
  6. Salads and other dishes can be dressed with olive oil.
  7. A great addition to the rice menu will be cereals, pumpkin, raisins, apples, and other products with a high content of potassium. Since this element binds and is excreted together with salts, it is necessary to constantly replenish its reserves.

Which rice to choose?

The best result can be achieved with the use of brown rice. Its advantage is the preservation of cereal shells. They contain the largest amount of potassium, folic acid, lecithin. In addition, unpolished rice has better taste and is digested longer, so that the feeling of satiety persists for a long time. Another advantage of brown cereal is the content of a large amount of fiber, which helps to improve digestion, effectively cleanse the body and quickly lose weight.

Rice diet: options

To date, there are several dozen diets on rice. They can be used as preparation for a thorough restructuring of the diet or as an independent method of rapid weight loss.


Its basic principle is short – term. Fasting days can be arranged once or twice a month. This is a powerful shake-up for the body, promoting the activation of all life processes and rapid purification from waste products.

The essence of rice unloading is as follows: in the morning, a glass of rice is thoroughly washed under running water and cooked without salt, oil and other additives. For greater efficiency, it is desirable to undercook the cereal. The resulting porridge is divided into four portions and eaten during the day. In between meals, you can drink plain water, mineral water without gas, natural juices or green tea. The maximum duration of unloading is three days.

Five volumes

This technique is based on the Tibetan system of cleansing the body with rice.

Need to prepare five bottles, number them, fill each with 2 tablespoons cereal and cover with water. Every morning, the rice should be washed and again filled with clean cold water. This procedure should be repeated for five days. On the fifth day the water of the first banks to merge, to cook the rice without adding salt and other ingredients and eat. In an empty container again fall asleep 2 spoons of cereal, pour water on top and put at the end of the queue. The duration of the diet is 14 days.

Processed in this way, rice acquires the structure of a sponge: when it enters the gastrointestinal tract, it actively absorbs all unnecessary waste, impurities, toxic compounds, thereby normalizing digestion, metabolism, and weight begins to quickly go away. Some sources you can read that in compliance with this rice diet can be a week to get rid of 10 lbs., Such a goal is achievable, if confined to rice, however it is unsafe for health. Experts recommend eating rice only as a Breakfast, and for lunch and dinner there are other cereals, dairy products, vegetable dishes. It is desirable to completely eliminate salt, and the amount of fat to minimize.

Two dishes

The diet is very simple and designed for a week. The diet contains only rice, fish and seafood. They should be eaten separately

The expected result is minus 3-4 kg.

Kempner Method

The diet was developed in the mid-20th century by American nutritionist Walter Kempner. For several decades, she was wildly popular among those wishing to lose weight. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the author proposes to use white rice for the diet, justifying it with easier assimilation of the processed product.

Another unusual feature of the technique: Kempner offers to” get ” the missing calories with regular sugar. The basis for this, to put it mildly, a strange requirement: sugar-a source of available energy, and without the extra load in the form of animal protein or fat.

Principles of diet:

  • The basis of the diet is boiled rice without additives. The daily portion is 250-350 g
    • Intake of calories is 2000 (low) to 2400.
  • You can eat: legumes, dried fruits without sugar.
  • Cannot be: avocado, tomatoes, fruits, juices.
  • In case of high blood pressure, kidney problems or severe obesity, the amount of fluid intake should be reduced to 6 glasses per day.
  • When stable improvement occurs, you can enrich the menu with low-fat protein foods, vegetables (including potatoes).

During the diet, it is desirable to take multivitamin complexes.


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