Indian Guru’s Diet


 This diet was developed by one of their great spiritual teachers of India, guru Yogananda his diet has properties such as: cleansing the body at the cellular level, weight loss and rejuvenation; acceleration of metabolism; […]


What Can You Eat For Psoriasis?


 One of the existing nutrition plans for psoriasis involves maintaining the correct acid-base balance in the body. It is believed that the internal environment of our body should be predominantly alkaline, not acidic, and this […]


The Most Unusual Diets


 There is no limit to human imagination, especially when it comes to weight loss. In the field of diets, every woman is Shakespeare, Goethe and Dostoevsky in one person. In a word, genius. Only for […]


Rice Diet


 Rice diet refers to the most popular methods of weight loss. Everyone who has ever tried to get rid of extra pounds has probably heard about it. Diet refers to the so-called detox techniques – […]


Watermelon At Weight Loss


 Watermelon appeared for the first time in South Africa it is this region that lovers of this delicious and juicy berry owe. Perhaps since the days of Egypt’s famous watermelons. In Western Europe they were […]


Junk Food: Top 20 Foods


 Every year in the world the number of food products harmful to human health increases exponentially. Scientists of chemical research laboratories regularly invent various types of flavor enhancers dyes and other additives that are part […]


Protein Foods List


 The menu of each person must be present protein foods. It is required for the full structure of muscle tissue, promotes normal absorption of carbohydrates enhances metabolism. Proteins have a strong influence on the activity […]


Walking With Leslie Sanson


 In order to lose weight and make the figure relief and tightened it is not necessary to go to the gym or fitness. Burn excess fat can be and other way – engage on program […]