Keto Diet Menu For Women For One Week

More recently it was believed that to lose weight – it means to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum. Today the keto diet is gaining popularity. Its main task is to transfer metabolism from carbohydrate to fat energy supply. It is more difficult for the body to get energy by splitting fat it does this only when there is a shortage of carbohydrates when their consumption is sharply reduced. This is true for the female body subcutaneous fat in it is formed from an excess of glucose and sugar.

The keto diet menu for a week for women is able to start metabolic processes that actively break down fat reserves. Ketogenesis – obtaining energy from adipose tissue-makes it possible without dangerous loads to get rid of excess weight and gain harmony. Nutrition on this basis leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels and becomes a prevention of diabetes. The peculiarity of the diet of the keto diet – increased consumption of fats with sufficient intake of glucose and proteins. Properly composed menu is able in a few days to transfer the body from glycogenesis to ketogenesis and start fat burning. Importantly. Nutrition with a keto diet based on increased fat intake moderate use of proteins and a minimum content of carbohydrates in food. The ratio of PFC in the menu looks like this: 25/70/5%.

Types of ketogenic diet

Nutritionists have developed several types of ketogenic nutrition that have different target settings:

  • Standard-the most optimal ketone diet for women who want to lose weight. When preparing the menu pre-calculated solid daily calorie intake  the rate for women is 2200к/day. The basic principle of the diet: the maximum amount of fat and minimum – carbohydrates.
  • Target-diet adapted for training. Before exercise allowed the use of” fast ” carbohydrates (refids) by reducing the amount of fat.
  • Cyclic-a kind of keto diet in which there is a period (1-2 days a week) with increased consumption of carbohydrates and proteins the fat component of the diet at this time is reduced.

It is optimal to start with a standard diet and if you feel unwell move to a softer option.

Keto diet

The diet of the ketone diet consists mainly of fats and protein foods permitted foods should contain no more than 7% carbohydrates.

With ketogenic nutrition, you can safely eat:

  • poultry and all Pets.
  • sea foods and fatty fish.
  • nuts;
  • bollocks;
  • fermented milk product;
  • hard cheese;
  • vegetables (not more than 40-50 g at a time);
  • from fruits best suited apples and oranges.

The list of permitted and prohibited products is presented in the form of the following pyramid.

Some products at the time of weight loss should be excluded from the diet. These include:

  • sweets containing sugar;
  • foods with a high glycemic index: potatoes, pasta and bakery products, rice;
  • sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol;
  • milk;
  • sweet fruits: grapes, bananas, plums;
  • sweet vegetables: beets, carrots;
  • legumes;
  • cereal products, porridge.

As you can see the diet of keto diet for weight loss requires a thorough change in eating habits especially those women who have already lost weight by other methods of nutrition.

The benefits and harm of fat burning diet

Any diet, limiting the diet, benefits and harms the body. Keto diet is useful in that it eliminates excess fat – in conditions of carbohydrate deficiency the body will make it the main source of energy. In addition fat burning diet does not threaten the destruction of muscle tissue. Another plus of this method of weight loss-do not starve although calories still have to be considered. The feeling of hunger causes the release of insulin and ketogenesis ensures its low level in the blood so that constant thoughts about food during weight loss will not distract from everyday Affairs. And another advantage of this food-the stability of the result: extra pounds will not return and the figure after their diet can not worry.

Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the use of apples and sour grapes. The second disadvantage of the diet are undesirable effects at the beginning: weakness, dizziness, feeling of stress. Such symptoms can be disturbing for the first week. Keto diet may cause deficit of glucose and long to upset the metabolism. The menu should be adjusted by a nutritionist taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

In the first week you may feel a little stress associated with the transition of the body to a fat source of energy. In men the period of addiction is 7 days  in women – 5.

Reviews houdetsi on the power system show that the most difficult transition days – from 3rd to 5th. For the first time two days the body still consumes carbohydrate reserves and then begins the transition to fat burning. In total the keto diet lasts no more than a month.

Independently to make the menu of such food without harm to health – a difficult task.

Therefore it is necessary to adhere to the standard recommendations of nutritionists without departing much from the approximate menu presented in the table.

Selected recipes for the ketone diet

Menu keto diet frequent meals of broccoli, fish, omelets. The following are the popular recipes with this diet recipes.

Asparagus broccoli


  • Onion-100 g;
  • Cabbage inflorescence-400 g;
  • Fat cream-100 ml;
  • Eggs – 4 PCs.;
  • Butter-40 g –

Boil florets of cauliflower in salted water for 15 minutes drain. Sliced onion rings fry in butter until Golden brown. Add the boiled broccoli inflorescences to the onion and fry them for 5 minutes. Then beat the eggs and mix. Pour the contents of the pan with cream and simmer for 15 minutes under a closed lid. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Omelet of 4 eggs


  • dried white mushrooms-30 g;
  • chicken eggs – 4 PCs – ;
  • vegetable oil-20 g;
  • smoked pork-120 g;
  • hard cheese – 60 g.

Dried mushrooms soak in hot water when they become soft cut into strips. Beat the eggs thoroughly. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan over moderate heat. Slowly pour the beaten eggs into the oil to avoid splashing then add the cut mushrooms to the mass. Pork cut into small cubes and add to the rest of the ingredients. Grate the hard cheese finely and cook the dish under the lid for 10-12 minutes . Salt and pepper to taste.

Mackerel with vegetables


  • Tomatoes of medium size-2 PCs – ;
  • Carcass of mackerel-600 g;
  • Medium-sized carrots-2 PCs – ;
  • Lemon-1 PC;
  • Medium sized bulbs – 2 PCs;
  • Spices (ginger, turmeric, Provencal herbs) – 1 tsp.

The mackerel carcass RUB with spices. All vegetables finely cut and placed inside the fish carcass. Leave the fish in this form for 1 hour. Heat oven to 200°, bake mackerel in it for 40 minutes. These dishes are easy to prepare and a nice variety of food losing weight.

Side effects and contraindications

Keto diet is an effective but rather severe way to lose weight. It creates a large load on the body forcing him to move from the usual carbohydrate energy supply to fat burning. Radically changing the nature of metabolism. Especially stressful are the beginning of the diet and getting out of it. Before you decide to use it you need to check your health the capabilities of your body. This diet is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes. Ketone bodies formed by the breakdown of fatty acids can poison the body if they are not removed in time. People with kidney disease the gastrointestinal tract this diet is also contraindicated. It is dangerous to use such a system of nutrition in pathologies of the cardiovascular system. But even healthy people should be prepared for the side effects of the ketone diet. In the first place can upset digestion – because of the lack in the diet foods rich in fiber.

During the diet reduced immunity there is a rapid fatigue from any activity. Such symptoms occur due to a lack of vitamins coming from food so it is important to use vitamin complexes during this period. Glucose deficiency especially affects mental activity: reduced brain activity and its ability to concentrate there is drowsiness and irritability. All the side effects go away 5-7 days after the start of the diet when the body adapts to a new way of eating and energy consumption. And the first results of the diet will be visible after 3 weeks of use. Ketone diet does not allow to lose weight effectively but also to maintain the effect for a long time.


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