Keeping A Healthy Body For The New Year

Don’t ruin the new year with old rationalizations: they don’t work. Actually, all your excuses have done is kept you overweight and out of shape. Almost every weight loss forum will be talking about gearing up for another new year.

Get the year off to a good start by taking all those miracle machines and pills out to the dump. Stop trying all the miracle weight solutions that keep coming out and start working out.

Think critically about the fitness marketing you see so you can hold onto your money and start losing fat instead.While you’re at it, why not add up the cost of all the healthy groceries you need as well as the cost of the fitness center and a few weights to use at home. Compare that with the doctor and hospital costs you will have if you don’t get serious about your body.

Take a page out of the sociologists’ book: they claim that your income is about equal to the average income of your friends.

Take that premise and apply it to your body: you’re going to be in similar shape to those you hang around. If you don’t have anyone to support you in your efforts, do something about it! Hanging around with obese, fast food eating beer drinkers isn’t how to lose weight fast.

Get out there and meet some new people with good fitness habits. They will be a good influence on you.

Stop blaming your tendency to be obese: you are still in control.

Sure, there are some genes that might tend to cause some people to be overweight, but they don’t force you to be fat. Let’s suppose genetics are pushing you toward being overweight: you should work even harder to fight against it.

This year, stop being nonchalant about your supposed weight loss goals.Well defined goals are the ones that will drive you to success, so get specific about what you want. You’ll be surprised at how the power of the subconscious will guide you in the right direction.

With another New Year comes another chance to get the results you need for your body.


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