Junk Food: Top 20 Foods

Every year in the world the number of food products harmful to human health increases exponentially. Scientists of chemical research laboratories regularly invent various types of flavor enhancers dyes and other additives that are part of almost all varieties of food that cause not only addiction but also the development of various deadly diseases.

In its essence harmful food is food that not only causes damage to health but also causes a slow but quite “reliable” death of a person. And most people do not even think that the food they eat can increase the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood cause obesity and disorders of the heart and blood vessels the appearance of heart attacks and strokes as well as cancer. In the materials of the presented review we will consider in detail the rating of the 20 most dangerous food products that are present in the daily diet of each inhabitant of this planet on the basis of which everyone is recommended to completely revise the food system and if necessary adjust it since life is given to us only once and it should be protected.

The most dangerous products

Canned tomato paste and sauce

Foods like tomato paste and canned sauces are slow fighters of our health. The first surprise that POPs up in their regular use is tooth decay.

But in addition to this problem these products contribute to an increase in the risk of developing such pathologies as:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • cardiovascular disease.

In order to prevent the occurrence of these diseases it is recommended to use fresh tomatoes for homemade sauce with a minimum percentage of salt and sugar.

Sweet carbonated drinks

The top 20 most harmful foods also include sweet soda, which have a negative impact on the condition of the skin, teeth, the percentage of sugar in the blood, hormonal and psycho-emotional state.

The best solution is to prepare natural juice using a blender or juicer from fresh fruit crops.


The negative effect of sugar on the human body is manifested by the development of the following deviations:

  • increases the percentage of glucose in the blood;
  • obesities;
  • addictive;

increase the likelihood of heart and vascular disease which often causes death.

In addition to the above deviations sugar is the first cause of caries which delivers unpleasant pain at any age. An excellent alternative to sugar is natural bee honey.

Delicacies of meat production

Meat delights in the form of brisket, ham, sausages and other types of meat products are enriched sources of sodium, nitrates and various preservatives that contribute to the development of addiction increase the risk of cancer, diabetes as well as heart and vascular diseases.

Therefore it is recommended to completely exclude this type of food from the diet.

Vegetable oil from sunflowers

The composition of sunflower oil includes the most dangerous for the human body artificial substances which are called TRANS fats, contributing to:

  • increased risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • regular deposition of fat cells in the subcutaneous layers leading to obesity;
  • the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as cancer.

Refined sunflower oil contains elements of free radicals that cause the growth and intensive development of cancer cells the acceleration of aging processes as well as the development of other no less serious health problems. An excellent alternative to sunflower oil is avocado oil or olives which are completely safe food.


Margarine is a low-grade version of butter the manufacturing process of which is to use only chemicals. There is nothing natural in this product.

TRANS fats which are part of this product have a negative impact on:

  • blood vessel;
  • heart;
  • percentage of bad cholesterol.

So the food is better to use natural butter in moderation.

Varieties of harmful food

Hot dogs

Hot dogs have become an integral part of the diet of most people of the younger generation. In its essence a hot dog is the most harmful food for health although very tasty. They contain a huge concentration of salt, sodium, toxic compounds and preservatives which together have the same negative impact on the human body as the smoke from cigarettes.

Potato chips

The composition of potato chips as well as other varieties of fried foods includes such a dangerous substance as acrylamide which contributes to the emergence of cancer of various localization and etiology.

Acrylamide causes cancer in the region:

  • breasts;
  • colon;
  • prostate; rectum;
  • mammary glands, etc.

In order not to expose your body to such danger it is recommended to cook potato chips in your own kitchen frying them in the oven with olive oil with a minimum amount of salt.

Bottled salad dressings

With high popularity, these products contain a list of different dyes of artificial origin, a high concentration of sugars as well as corn syrup which is among the high-fructose ingredients that have a negative impact on human health. The development of diabetes is the most harmless pathology that can occur as a result of regular use of gas stations. Instead it is better to give preference to olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice or even Apple cider vinegar.

Sugar substitute

Sugar substitutes can not be more useful than this ingredient: on the contrary they represent an even greater threat to the human body. Undoubtedly the level of caloric content in them is less.

But their regular use provides an increase in the probability of development:

  • diabetes;
  • increased blood PRESSURE;
  • pathological changes in metabolism;
  • cardiac pathology.

Maple syrup and honey – that’s the only useful replacement for all sweeteners and sugar including.

Improper diet

Alcoholic beverage

Everyone knows that alcohol is not included in the diet of proper nutrition and is an opponent of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition alcohol affects the psycho-emotional state of a person which often leads to the Commission of various crimes. Even moderate consumption of alcohol can cause irreparable damage to the human body.

Premium flour and white bread

In white flour there is no useful element. All vitamins fiber and trace elements contained in wheat grains are destroyed in the process of “bleaching” of flour by means of a explosive mixture of chemicals. Therefore, all products made of white flour are contraindicated for use.

Contributing to the:

  • quick weight gain;
  • disruption of thyroid function;
  • pathogenic changes in digestion processes.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat bakery products made from whole grain flour.

Dairy products

Researchers at Harvard University have long proved that the body of adults is not adapted to the assimilation of cow’s milk against which many as puberty begins to develop lactose intolerance. Interestingly, regular consumption of milk often causes metabolic disorders in the body, migraines, arthritis, allergies, asthma and cancer. However do not forget about the benefits of moderate consumption of dairy products. An excellent substitute for cow’s milk is almond and coconut milk.

Barbecue grill and barbecue

Very harmful food for the human body – is roasted over an open fire meatas in the process of its preparation are formed components such as aromatic amines and polycyclic hydrocarbons which with regular use increase tenfold the likelihood of cancer in the chest and pancreas. Although moderate and rare consumption of this product cooked at home will not cause much harm.

Energy bar

The composition of bars includes a huge amount of sugar fructose, preservatives and TRANS fats the negative impact on the human body which is described in detail in the previous paragraphs. Therefore this type of product is better to completely exclude from the diet.

Dangerous food

A quick snack

Very tasty rolls with a cutlet inside are an attractive cover of a deadly dose of harmful substances in the form of:

  • the sahara;
  • TRANS fats;
  • Sols;
  • seasonings’;
  • dyes’;
  • taste booster;
  • preservatives and other chemical compounds.

All this together improves not only the appearance but also the taste of such food. Their regular use can lead to the development of diabetes heart and vascular diseases, cancer, affect, obesity and metabolic disorders.


Wheat is a rich source of carbohydrates, and therefore all dishes from it contribute to an increase in the concentration of sugar in the blood, increased insulin formation and the development of obesity, which together accelerates the aging process and causes diabetes.


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