Japan Diet

The Japanese diet is ideal for those cases when a week before an important event you need to lose a few extra pounds and put the figure in order. It refers to a rigid and monotonous diet so observe it without disruptions can not everyone. The result of weight loss is amazing – up to 8 kg in 2 weeks. If you properly get out of weight loss the lost pounds will not return. An important part of the diet — preparing for it and exit. A week before it especially if you plan a two-week you need to give up sweet, flour and fat. It is also desirable to reduce the portions to lose weight was easier.

Diet features

It was developed by Japanese scientists for weight loss. Her diet has nothing to do with sushi and rolls as it may seem. The main rules are moderation in diet and the exclusion of salt from the diet.


The Japanese diet is quite strict and makes its demands to lose weight.

Because of this they can not sit on it:

  • hypertension and hypotension;
  • people who have problems with insulin;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • people with impaired metabolism;
  • patients with pyelonephritis; people with gastrointestinal tract;
  • athletes and people engaged in hard physical labor.

If in compliance with dietary nutrition frequent dizziness began and the condition deteriorated sharply you should stop it and switch to proper nutrition. Otherwise there may be a breakdown and after returning to the previous diet all the kilograms will return back.

Advantages of diet

The advantages include:

  • high efficiency;
  • cleansing the stomach of undigested food residues;
  • no need to cook complicated dishes;
  • monetary savings (all dietary products are inexpensive);
  • cleansing the skin by cleansing the stomach;
  • reduced consumption of fats and fast carbohydrates.

If the right to get out of the diet the lost weight will not return back. To do this you need to slowly introduce other useful products into the diet and gradually increase the caloric content of the diet. It is desirable to combine with weight loss light exercise. For example, morning Jogging.

Cons diet

The system of nutrition, excluding salt and fast carbohydrates does not pass for the body without a trace.

Its main disadvantages are:

  • requires entry so as withstand such difficult;
  • low daily caloric content (from 900 to 1200 kcal);
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases due to reduced immunity;
  • lack of necessary vitamins in food; monotonous food;
  • constant feeling in the first days;
  • dieting for more than 2 weeks is unhealthy;
  • severe fatigue, headaches and lack of energy due to low calorie.

Salt detains liquid in the body so the Japanese diet from it offer to refuse or at least reduce consumption. Soy sauce is also contraindicated it contains a large amount of salt. Reducing salt in the diet helps to get rid of edema become more cheerful and energetic. It is due to excess fluid and go the first kilograms of weight.

This is because by the second week the body begins to slow down metabolism, and fat burning is much slower. The first week the body still hopes for the intake of calories but does not receive them and therefore includes a saving mode.

The essence and rules of the Japanese diet

The effect of the Japanese diet is based on the fact that the diet reduces the amount of fat and fast carbohydrates. You need to eat rice, seafood, fruits and vegetables.

The Japanese diet for 7 days will help to get rid of 3 kg of excess weight for 14 days – from 5 kg. More than two weeks to sit on it is not recommended it is recommended to take a break and go to a full balanced diet. Typically the Japanese diet is used in cases where you need to lose a few pounds before an important event. Japanese scientists believe that it should last 13 days. In this country the number 13 is considered lucky and bringing good luck. However in Europe the diet usually lasts 7 or 14 days since the number 13 here is considered unlucky.

The portion size is not specified because it is implied that they will be small — 200-300 g. Caloric daily intake should be 900-1200 calories. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Those who do not like plain water can replace it with green (not black) tea. Strong drinks on a diet are prohibited. Also you can not eat bread, meat products, milk, sweet and flour, semi-finished products and fast food. If you consume more than the norm the weight will go slower.

Diet rules

Before a diet preparation at least in a week is desirable. For 7 days you need to give up fat, sweet, flour and fast food. So it will be much easier to stick to a diet.

The rules are as follows:

  • instead of coffee and black tea you can drink green;
  • after waking up and before eating it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water you can add lemon juice;
  • it is forbidden to sweeten and add spices to dishes it is allowed only to add a little salt;
  • every day drinking 1.5-2 liters of water without gas;
  • food should be chewed slowly in a calm environment;
  • replace products only when absolutely necessary;
  • for maximum weight loss should be clearly adhere to this diet;
  • days cannot be swapped;
  • exit should be gradual not abrupt;
  • can be used only once every 3 months.

Japanese diet is included in the category of hard diets that give quick results. If you follow all its principles and do not eat after it the results will be stunning.

It is necessary to slowly add daily caloric content and in the first month after the completion of the diet do not eat sweet, flour and fat.

The preparatory stage and the output

During preparation for a diet you need to give up all harmful food in the diet. The use of sweets and cakes, pastries, fatty foods, smoked sausages, salty food, starchy vegetables (potatoes, beets) is minimized.

Many people find it difficult to get used to small portions on a diet. To make it easier, during the preparation it is necessary to gradually reduce their portions and then the modest size of the diet lunch will not be confused. You also need to learn how to chew food slowly it will help to get enough faster.

The preparation menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast-oatmeal or rice porridge on the water with honey or coffee with a handful of dried fruits. Snack-a fruit or a glass of fresh juice.
  • Lunch – boiled meat with buckwheat or boiled vegetables, tea.
  • Dinner-a portion of vermicelli with vegetables.

It is also necessary to exit, because a sharp return to the usual malnutrition is fraught with not only a set of kilograms but also problems with the liver and stomach. During weight loss they are weaned from digesting heavy food and a sharp transition is a stress for them.

For the first month after weight loss will have to forget about the Goodies. During this period it is allowed to use only healthy and low-calorie foods.

At this stage allowed:

  • green tea and coffee (not instant);
  • dried dark bread;
  • raw and boiled green vegetables, carrots, bell peppers;
  • seafood, fish, chicken breast boiled (include meat in the diet should be the second week);
  • low-fat yogurt; boiled eggs;
  • tomato juice; vegetable oil (no more than 2 tablespoons per day);
  • eggplant, zucchini;
  • low-fat cheese;
  • lemon, apples, citrus and pears.

You can not eat sweet berries and fruits: bananas, peaches and grapes. Dried fruits are allowed but in an amount not exceeding 5 pieces per day. Lemonade, sparkling water and alcohol are prohibited. Sauces and condiments, especially Mayo, is prohibited.

The 7-day Japanese diet is tougher than the two-week one. At the time of its observance it is possible to lose 3 to 5 pounds of weight and with the right release weight continues.

If the condition after a week of weight loss is not bad (there is no frequent dizziness and a great decline in strength) then you can sit on it for another week. Those who are exhausted the first week of the diet it is better to finish losing weight and go to the right balanced diet. To avoid the lack of trace elements and nutrients it is necessary to take complex vitamins.

The Japanese diet is a strong shake-up for the body. It helps in a short time to get rid of extra pounds and tighten the figure. Its effect is based on a sharp decrease in daily caloric content and the amount of fat that causes the body to start burning fat.

During preparation and in the first month after its termination it is desirable to be engaged in light sports. Will fit a short morning jog or stretching of the muscles. You can also perform strength exercises it will tighten the muscles and help make the body more fit.


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