How Much Weight You Can Lose In A Month

Excess weight is gained very quickly especially in those who have a genetic predisposition to such a process. But to lose weight is not so easy. Healthy weight loss does not last one month but of course it all depends on the speed of metabolism, lifestyle and the amount of body fat.

If you are interested in how much you can lose weight in a month without harm to health while not suffering from complex diets and exercise read the main recommendations below. Some believe that you can lose weight quickly because on the Internet, magazines, a lot of advertising which misleads people. Everyone wants the process of weight loss was simple and as fast as possible but there is no magic pill that will save you from 10 pounds per day. It takes time, effort, regular training and an active lifestyle – only such a system brings results. And do not forget about the advice of specialists – nutritionists will develop the right diet and daily regimen that will allow you to safely lose weight.

The fundamental factors of weight loss

Each person can lose weight by a different number of kilograms-it depends on:

  • Age’s;
  • Current shape;
  • Current activity level and training program;
  • Motivations;
  • The speed of metabolism;
  • Food habit;
  • Daily stress levels;
  • General health;
  • Presence of diseases;
  • Selected diet.

How many pounds can be thrown off per month affects the rate of metabolism. It is worth noting that those who have more muscle mass lose weight much faster. Also, the effectiveness of the diet affects the hormonal state of the person. Slow down the process of weight loss can constant fatigue, stress. The way of life, diet, with which you decide to lose weight, sports load – all this directly affects the weight loss. For example during stress increases the level of the hormone cortisol which leads to the accumulation of fat. Weight loss is 80 percent diet 20 percent exercise. Therefore it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the issue of diet for weight loss.

The best option is to lose weight per kilogram per week that is no more than 4-5 kilograms per month. Thus it will burn fat not muscle mass. For example if you reduce the basic metabolism by 500 calories then you can lose 2 kilograms in a month.

The main approaches to weight loss in 30 days

Naturally how many kg can lose weight in a month without damage to the body can not be said for sure. But for the best results you need to follow the basic recommendations outlined below.

Control of daily calorie intake

Keeping this rule lose weight will be easy. The main rule is to write down everything we eat during the day. This allows you to develop discipline and control your hungerin other words – to distinguish psychological from physical.

Analysis of the training program

The fastest way to lose weight is to increase the intensity of cardio loads. Many people do not like such exercises but they burn a lot of calories and help to fight overweight. Do not like to run then use the alternative – Cycling, swimming, dancing.

But we must not forget about the muscles which are great help in the fight against excess weight so we also add strength training. They help to make the body fit and elastic. You need to start small and regularly increase the intensity and complexity. The body should gradually get used to such changes in lifestyle. Also give the body the right rest to a month not to turn into a tired and sluggish “zombie”.

Proper diet

Not everyone is fond of the daily estimates of the caloric content of food. Plus not everyone has time for long training. But everyone has access to the right products that benefit health and appearance. Every day you need to eat as many vegetables and fruits, lean meat (chicken, Turkey), fish which contains useful amino acids. As snacks always carry nuts / eggs, sandwiches with whole grain bread. An important point-the use of the required amount of liquid.

Lose weight in 30 days-a realistic goal

First you need to make sure that the goal is realistic. Many of us can easily lose weight in just a month and with regularity the result can exceed all expectations. Extreme diets and complex training do not lead to long-term results as the body is experiencing severe stress.

Simple mathematics of healthy weight loss

Approximately calculate the number of kilograms that can be reset in 30 days you can use conventional mathematics. For example in order to lose 500 grams in seven days it is required to reduce the caloric content of the diet by 500-1000 calories per day. But here too there are some nuances. Every holiday significant event and simple meetings with friends violate our regime. Need concentration is not on the goal to lose weight and get rid of bad habits increase physical activity.

Combining strength training with free weights and high intensity training metabolism is greatly accelerated. With the help of physical activity, it is possible to gain muscle mass which further helps to burn calories just during rest. Nutritionists claim that in the case of obesity you need to lose only 10 percent of your weight which improves blood pressure, normalizes cholesterol and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Diets don’t work

Rigid diets are called pendulums as weight loss is only a short-term phenomenon all kilograms return very quickly if you resume your old eating habits. But there are exceptions. For example a patient who has undergone a special operation to reduce the stomach is able to lose weight faster. There are many cases when such a procedure allowed to lose up to 12 pounds per month. Most often obesity is a consequence of eating disorders.

The development of the plan

In order to lose weight and get the result in the long term it is necessary to develop a certain plan and stick to it exactly to the slightest nuances. For beginners it is best to contact a specialist who will help with this. Nutritionists will develop a proper and balanced diet and the coach-an effective workout.

The main task of the nutritionist is to help in the fight against impaired eating behavior namely the control of portions reducing the consumption of sugar and harmful fats that lead to heart disease and diabetes.

Interesting recommendations

In words weight loss is a simple process but in fact it requires a comprehensive approach. You need to stop thinking about how much you lose in a month just change yourself and your life then the pounds will go away by themselves.

Refuse from unhealthy snacks

Each of us has its own taste preferences. And if you were able to hold the whole day without delicious dishes, the evening psychological hunger breaks many. Prefer bad fast food like to eat a lot? Then make your diet as diverse as possible add fiber. The perfect snack-nuts, fruit.

Performing simple exercises during the day

Many can’t exercise some don’t have the time the other way being lazy. But you can start small-replace the Elevator with a ladder-it’s already a few dropped grams.Walk before you sleep. Just half an hour and you will see the effect. In front of the TV do 20 sit-UPS and before eating jump up and down 100 times. It does not take much time but it is very good for health.

Remove the scales

It is impossible to be weighed daily as in case of absence of instant result the person loses motivation. This is a long-term perspective so don’t think about kilograms. The best option-measurements every week-two.

Rejection of semi-finished and finished products

Of course it is very easy to buy semi-finished refined products that contain a large number of harmful components. Pay attention to organic products. Chocolate replace Apple loaf-wholegrain bread.


We have not yet come up with a magical diet that allows you to lose a lot of excess weight in a month and at the same time keep the results for a long time. In addition it has a bad effect on health. And stop thinking about how much you’ll lose in a month.

Those who begin to lead a healthy life quickly get used to. The body is very smart and is able to determine the ideal combination of weight and health. The figure on the scales is just a figure much more important than your health. Set yourself a realistic task and with noticeable results put a new one. But not strive to lose weight quickly – get extra pounds after the diet ruin health and spoil the psyche. Start with a trip to a nutritionist and fitness coach who will develop the right program according to individual characteristics.


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