1. Have a very good meal within just an hour or so of getting out of bed each morning. That way you will have more energy and it really helps to curb hunger throughout the rest of the day.
  2. Stay away from sweet foods and sugar overall. Sugar possesses lots of empty calories and must be averted wherever possible. The more you consume sugars the harder you need to exercise in order to burn it off.
  3. Consume fresh veggies rather than cooked or even canned types for the reason that they suffer a loss of a number of nutritional vitamins whenever cooked.
  4. Stay away from foods that are fried whenever possible because they’re usually prepared in fat or perhaps greasy oils.
  5. Consuming four to six smaller meals each day, instead of 3 big ones, will certainly accelerate the metabolic rate that will help you burn off much more calories.
  6. Employ a planned time for you to have meals, preferably at the same times daily. This way you avoid becoming too starved, which is often when people tend to over eat or eat the wrong thigs.
  7. Don’t consume food simply to eat, or out of boredom, which many tend to do. Only eat when hungry and at scheduled meal times.
  8. Chocolate shouldn’t be a part of the diet since it contains sugar and turns to fat. Treat yourself occasionally but don’t over do it.
  9. DO NOT eat donuts, they are true poison!
  10. Eat good food, in smaller portions more times per day, this really helps to raise the metabolism. Many don’t eat enough and this leads to weight gain, asthe body will actually start to more of the food into fat, to save itself from starvation.
  11. Select many different food items from all recommended food groups every single day. This helps to provide nutrition and also helps to keep it fun and different, so no boredom!
  12. Stay away from unhealthy snacks and eat veggies, or healthy low sugar snacks like fresh fruit.
  13. Alcoholic drinks as well aren’t healthy for you. Beer is very fattening as well as all the rest of liquor items. They also have sugars, which can alter your appetite and make you eat more.
  14. Pick white proteins instead of red such as fish as well as chicken and pean pork, in general it’s much better compared to steak for those trying to lose weight. Lean protein is a wonderful food, it’s low in fat, very filling and makes a great choice for dieters and weight loss.
  15. Be careful about your fat consumption. Each and every fat gram consists of nine calories therefore simply by studying the sum of calories with a certain food along with understanding the amount of fat, you are able to estimate the actual percent of fat in that food, and that should never be more than 30%.
  16. Wine beverages, particularly sweet wine drinks, have a lot of sugar. If you must, drink dryer wines, that have had a lot of the sugar removed via fermentation.
  17. Chew any food you eat a minimum of twenty to twenty five times so that you can increase the saliva levels, which helps to digest the sugar better. Also, eating slowly makes you full faster with less food, as opposed to gulping down your food quickly, which usually results in eating more and being less satisfied.
  18. Don’t use giant plates when eating. Use smaller plates because they make your meal look a lot bigger than it is, and you will eat less.
  19. Try out reduced as well as non fat alternatives for many of the food items you consume. There are so many foods available in low or no fat variety, even some cookies and sweets, all of which are tasty, but remember to eat them in moderation, like everything else.
  20. So that you can decrease your oil consumption you can actually fry by using a non stick (teflon) pan or a non fat cooking spray, works great and much less fat and calories.

Treat yourself from time to time. Complete deprivation leads to failure, we all want that cookie, or ice cream or big juicy burger and fries from time to time, and that’s okay, just remember moderation!!!!!!!!!!