Diet Number 5

For people who are diagnosed with diseases of the biliary tract, liver, gallbladder, a special nutrition system has been developed which has some features. Diet 5 table has certain indications and a list of permitted products.

The main objective of this diet is to provide a diet that would give the body the necessary amount of calories but there is some restriction in the consumption of products containing fats and cholesterol. The menu completely excludes dishes that are fried during cooking but it has a large number of vegetables and fruits. If we consider in more detail the list of permitted and prohibited products, it is worth noting that it is similar to a diet of proper nutrition. Moreover the diet option fifth table 5A allows you to normalize the metabolism and eliminate excess weight.

Objectives and main aspects

Therapeutic diet number 5 implies a more gentle regime for the liver provided that the body receives a full set of nutrients. This should also normalize the function of the biliary system.

Use this system of nutrition is recommended for those people (adults and children) who have:

  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • cirrhosis of the liver in the absence of function failure;
  • acute hepatitis and cholecystitis, which are observed in the recovery period;
  • hepatitis without exacerbation of a chronic type; in the absence of severe pathology of the intestine;
  • This mode can be characterized by the following descriptions:
  • a person consumes meals that provide a normal amount of carbohydrates and proteins;
  • it is necessary to eat those foods that contain less fat;
  • during cooking, it is recommended to use the following processing methods: baking, stewing, cooking;
  • stir-frying is excluded;
  • it is not recommended to eat cold food;
  • when choosing products it is recommended to ensure that they do not have a lot of oxalic acid, purine;
  • salt intake should be reduced;
  • delicious meals that may cause bloating after consumption, it is recommended to exclude;

it is also not recommended to eat foods that are composed of coarse fiber, extractives and promote the secretion of digestive juices.

Diet and daily diet

If you follow this diet you must divide the daily diet into 4-5 receptions. It is recommended to drink a glass of liquid on an empty stomach.

According to the main aspects of the diet, the daily diet should have the following chemical composition and energy value.

The duration of the diet

Diet table 5 it is recommended to observe first 5 days. During this time, there is an addiction and adaptation of the body to this type of food. After the process of addiction has passed you can follow this diet for 5 weeks and until there is a full recovery. This diet belongs to the category of long-term nutrition systems. It can be adhered to for 1.5-2 years. However it is worth noting that even in the absence of exacerbations of diseases the diet is not much different from a healthy diet. It is necessary to take into account some features. First of all it should be understood that the most important aspect of nutrition by Povzner is a gentle effect on the stomach, intestines, gastrointestinal tract (both mechanical and chemical).

Basic cooking techniques and diet menu options

All products must be prepared by pre-grinding or grinding. They can be cooked, baked, steamed. In this case too hot or Vice versa cold dishes are recommended to be excluded from the diet.

In addition to the diet of the fifth table there is also a subspecies of this food called 5A. In addition to its medicinal properties, it is popular due to the possibility of normalization of metabolic processes. Dieting 5A it is possible to lose about 5 kg and more.

Diet 5 table is quite simple and has a balanced menu for the week. To compile it is recommended to use the list of permitted and prohibited products as well as to count calories. It is a simple daily diet that allows you to use different recipes and is suitable for both adults and children.


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