Diet For Weight Loss Belly And Sides For Women The Menu For The Week

The word diet spelt out in vegetables on a wooden board.

If you use these principles you can make a useful diet menu for yourself which will be easy and convenient to follow not only during the diet but in the future.

Tips for the lazy

Many people want to lose weight but deep down everyone admits that he was too lazy to do something for this. No matter how absurd the situation is there is a solution. This option is also suitable for those who has a busy schedule that does not allow you to leave for snacks and for other cases. At the same time a light diet for the lazy allows you to get rid of 12 or more extra pounds in two weeks.

Lose weight in this way, you can, if you follow the simple rules:

  • A quarter of an hour before a meal drink two glasses of water without gas.
  • During the meal as well as 2 hours after it should refrain from taking liquid.

Similar rules apply to fractional power. Even if you want to eat a small cookie you must first drink 400 ml of water. Thus the liquid fills the stomach because of what you do not want and can not eat too much.

Mode for 7 days

Is there an important event or a trip ahead? Is there only seven days left? There is a way out-it’s a simple diet for 7 days. If you follow the oatmeal diet you can achieve good results in a short period of time.

The belly and side slimming diet suitable for women has the following menu for the week:

  • Basic meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist of oatmeal which is prepared on water without sugar, salt, butter or fruit.
  • In between you can eat any one fruit. However it should be understood that this is not a “green light” for everything. For example sweet grapes and bananas should be forgotten.
  • It is worth remembering about water. It should drink up to 2 liters a day. Green or herbal tea is welcome and its volume is equal to the volume of water. You can consume the liquid before meals for 30-60 minutes.

After the diet is very important to smoothly get out of it. Any products should be introduced in small quantities. It is recommended to start with dairy products, protein meat (chicken, rabbit, Turkey), other types of cereals.

Option ” 5 kg in 7 days»

If you are used to act radically you can lose a week 5 extra pounds with the help of such a simple product as eggs. At the same time it is present in the diet of almost any person and the variety of dishes is large enough.

The diet of the egg diet consists exclusively of eggs, fruits and vegetables. Water can be consumed in unlimited quantities. It is important that the ratio of eggs is dominant in relation to other products. From the diet menu to remove potatoes, dates, grapes, figs. The greatest effect gives the combination of: eggs-oranges.

What allows you to reduce the belly and sides?

The main condition of diets for the abdomen and thighs is to normalize the gastrointestinal tract. In order to reduce the amount you need to completely revise your diet and follow the basic rules.

Rice diet

This method of weight loss is designed for 5 days. During the diet is allowed to eat only one plate of rice with seafood. If desireв they can be replaced by fish. At the same time they can not be mixed. Welcome to the adding greens sour Apple.

What should men remember for weight loss?

Men also think about losing weight. To quickly achieve the desired result it is recommended to adhere to the following principles:

  • 4 meals a day without meals at night;
  • portions are small but consist of high-calorie foods;
  • exclude all fried and flour, sweets, all types of alcohol and salt.

If you follow these principles, you can lose up to 7 kg within 10 days.

Kefir diet

Monodica will allow for three days to lose up to 4 kg. the Main condition – drink 1.5 liters of kefir daily. It should be divided into 6 receptions. Nothing else is allowed to eat. Water without gas is not prohibited. For a smooth exit from the state of limitation it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir daily.

Buckwheat for weight loss

Buckwheat diet is designed for 2 weeks. This is not only weight loss, but also the removal of harmful and toxic substances from the body. Cooking buckwheat should be correct: cooking is not allowed only steaming with boiling water. At the same time it is forbidden to add salt, sugar or any spices.

Apple diet

It should be noted that the day is allowed to use no more than 650 kcal. This, in turn, is about 1-1. 5 kg of apples. Eat apples during a diet for weight loss can not only fresh. They can be baked without adding other products. If there is an urgent need in the diet you can enter rye crackers but it is recommended to do on the 6th day. It is necessary to go out of the diet gradually. First vegetables are introduced into the menu after low-fat broths. The last is meat.


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