Diet For Gastritis

Diet with gastritis – a way to get rid of symptoms and pain. It is necessary for a certain period of time to eat only dietary and light food to allow the stomach to rest. The first couple of days it is better to unload on water and decoctions. After fasting, you need a restorative diet that excludes fast food, semi-finished products and other food that irritates the stomach. Alcohol, fried food, raw vegetables and sour fruit are prohibited. Diet and diet should always be prescribed by a doctor, based on the characteristics of gastritis and its type. With gastritis with low acidity, some products are prohibited, and with increased acidity — quite different.

That can be and prohibited from there is

In acute gastritis or gastric ulcer requires a special therapeutic diet. After the doctor diagnoses the patient, he is prescribed treatment and diet with special rules on nutrition. According to the table with the permitted products, it is possible to determine what can be used for gastritis and what can not.

It is extremely important to distinguish 2 types of gastritis: with high and low acidity of the stomach.

The diagnosis depends on the type of diet products for different types of gastritis are different. Properly selected products will help to improve the condition and avoid exacerbation.

Diet with relapse

During the remission of gastritis or exacerbation of superficial gastritis, it is necessary to eat according to the principles of the diet “Table №1”.

When the period of exacerbation and severe pain in the stomach pass, the patient goes on eating soups, semi-liquid food, cereals. Food for the diet is steamed, boiled, and then crushed into pieces or milled in puree. Spices (except dried greenery) and a large number of butter promoted cannot be.

On a diet you can not drink sweet carbonated drinks, juices from the package, coffee and alcohol. Fruits and vegetables in compliance with the diet should not be acidic, as well as the compotes and kissels prepared from them.

How to make a menu

When planning your diet you need to know and follow the rules of the diet for gastritis:

  • Eat only warm food. When gastritis is forbidden to drink cold and very hot drinks, there are frozen foods – they harm the stomach. All food should be at room temperature, so as not to irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.
  • No coarse food. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of mechanical irritation of the stomach with large pieces of food or food with a rough texture. It is not recommended to eat bran, vegetables with a lot of fiber. All solid food diet, it is recommended to grind and chew.
  • Smaller meals 5-7 times a day.
  • Do not drink. An hour before meals and an hour after it is not recommended to drink, so as not to dilute the gastric juice, otherwise the food is poorly digested.

The menu for gastritis can be planned independently or found on the Internet. The main thing is to choose the right menu for your type of gastritis.

Diet for a week

To think about the menu for a week with gastritis yourself, you can see the recipes that are suitable for the diet. Eat on a diet should be at least 4 times a day, making snacks between main meals. Overeating during the main meals is prohibited (harmful to the stomach), you should eat small portions.

With proper fractional nutrition, all the symptoms of gastritis will quickly pass, and the patient will return to normal life.

Recipes for gastritis

To alleviate the symptoms of exacerbation of gastritis, it is necessary to prepare light food that does not irritate the stomach. Perfect vegetable puree, broths, jelly and liquid boiled porridge.

To diversify the diet of a patient with gastritis, you can cook:

  • Rice soup with herbs. You will need a bunch of parsley, carrots, 250 ml of low-fat chicken broth, 50 g of dry rice cereals and half a teaspoon of butter. For cooking you need to put the rice in the broth, after boiling add the sliced carrots and boil until soft. After cooking, chop the greens and chop the soup in a blender, add the oil.
  • Fish and egg soup. You will need 200 g of fish broth, carrots, 100 g of fish and egg. In the broth to chop carrots, boil, then pour a thin stream of egg and mix, add the fish.
  • Beef zrazy. You need to take 200 grams of veal, 25 grams of cooked rice, 40 grams of breadcrumbs and ½ teaspoon of oil. The meat should be ground in a blender, add the crackers and sculpt the cake. In the middle of the put an oil and rice, turn and put an on 10-15 minutes in the oven.

Table №1 for gastritis

The diet of the patient with gastritis ranges from 2500 to 3000 kcal, which is enough for an active lifestyle.

Table 1 puts a ban on:

  • broth and sour soup;
  • foods high in fiber;
  • large amounts of fat and oil;
  • fatty and spicy cheese;
  • strong tea and coffee;
  • strongly salted and smoked meat and fish dishes;
  • acidic juices; fresh baked pastries;
  • spicy seasoning and sauce;
  • alcohol and sweet soda.

All the food you need to simmer or bake in the oven or double boiler, all solid and roughage rubbed and ground into mash.

When diet allowed:

  • dry biscuits, sugar, souffle;
  • lean meat;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • dried white bread;
  • vermicelli, oatmeal and buckwheat; low-fat soups;
  • fish for a couple;
  • non-acidic fruits and vegetables, mashed;
  • herbal or green tea.

How to eat with atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis is called inflammation of the stomach with local lesions of its mucous membrane. In inflamed places, tissue death occurs, if gastritis is started, then the deep layers of stomach tissues die off. The first symptom of this type of gastritis is a burp with an unpleasant odor. When gastritis is neglected, the process of digestion of food is severely disrupted, the body begins to be contaminated with toxins, anemia, severe fatigue and deterioration of the skin.

Diet for atrophic stomach helps:

  • restore normal activity of the digestive tract, especially the stomach;
  • restore atrophied areas of the gastric mucosa;
  • prevent the spread of inflammation in the stomach;
  • normalize the secretion of enzymes and gastric acidity.
  • All products that adversely affect the stomach, long-digested, should be excluded from the diet. It is advisable to start using sea salt.
  • On a diet patients with gastritis should eat:
  • eggs-boiled or scrambled eggs steam (without oil);
  • lean soups;
  • oat and buckwheat boiled cereals;
  • jelly, souffle and jelly;
  • meatballs and meatball for a couple.

Diet for patients with erosive gastritis

If the patient is diagnosed with erosive gastritis, the gastroenterologist is obliged to appoint a special diet. The menu will depend on the degree of damage to the stomach, gastritis neglect, stage (remission or relapse) and the state of gastric juice. If you follow all the instructions of a specialist, you can quickly cure gastritis and a sick stomach.

In a diet with gastritis should not be:

  • harmful to irritated stomach products. This includes vegetables, smoked and canned food, fatty meat and fish dishes, coffee and alcohol, chocolate, smoked and salted dishes;
  • hot or cold dishes. You can’t eat ice cream, sherbet, drink a hot drink from it suffer from gastric mucosa;
  • grilled and flavored with sauces;
  • spicy dishes and seasonings, they irritate the stomach;
  • sour fruits, raw vegetables and dairy products. You can not eat citrus fruits, apples, drink kefir.

You need to eat small portions, taking breaks between meals in 2-3 hours, so as not to stretch the stomach. In case of damage to the stomach or on the advice of a doctor, you can eat in a lying position. The diet of the patient with gastritis consists of products that are allowed to use in any form of gastritis.

During the time of gentle nutrition, the stomach will recover, and it will be possible to return to a more or less familiar diet.

Treatment of recurrent gastritis is primarily gentle on the stomach the food, and in some cases, short periods of fasting with the length of 1-3 days. So the patient helps his stomach to cope with gastritis and take a break from work.



  1. What I just did not try to get rid of gastritis. Accidentally saw an article on this site and decided to try. And the effect was not long in coming. Gradually I began to feel relieved but also stick to this diet.


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