Diet 16/8

On that just do not dare modern women in order to get rid of the hated extra pounds. They are ready to radically change the daily routine and diet, which is very effective to reduce weight. Diet 16/8 or, as it is called, interval fasting is an effective method of destroying excess weight, which at first looks quite tough, but later turns into a normal rate of each day. Thanks to a unique technique, women and men manage to lose weight and gain weight in a short period. Extra pounds will dissolve imperceptibly, but you can always keep your appetite under control.

What is the 16/8 fasting and why is it special

Periodic fasting 16/8 is an interval meals. The day is divided into two short periods, one of them is the period in which you can eat, it is 8 hours in a row, and the second is a complete refusal to eat, that is, a hunger strike, lasts for 16 hours. That is, there is an alternation of 16 hours when a person starves and drinks only water, and 8 hours when he can eat, and so on. The special effectiveness of this method is felt by increasing the net weight of the body, as the available diet includes extremely harmless and necessary products for the body. At first glance, this diet seems very difficult and even difficult, but many simply forget about the sleep phase.

It can last, according to the average data, from 7 to 9 hours depending on individual characteristics. At this point, the person is relieved of the need to eat. If by this time we add the same number of hours, from 7 to 9, the period of hunger strike will come to an end.

Features of each period of the system:

  • Hunger strike-in no case should you eat solid food, you can only drink liquids, mainly water or other non-calorie drinks.
  • Food window – the period for which you want to eat a set daily calorie intake, but it is better to choose a fractional type of food. The first meal should be the most caloric, and the rest as light as possible.


During the meal in the human body increases the level of insulin, metabolism slows down. This serves as the starting point for a set of fat deposits. During the hunger strike really lose weight in the body all the systems are adjusted to a kind of recovery work. A person manages to lose weight, and in the most problematic places. Therefore, 16-hour fasting for weight loss allows you to maintain muscle mass.

Advantages of the method

Intermediate fasting and nutrition is an indispensable thing in bodybuilding, as it allows you to select the entire corset of muscles in detail.

The technique has the following main advantages:

  • qualitative renewal of gastrointestinal functions;
  • beginning of strict appetite control;
  • normalization of blood cholesterol and glucose levels;
  • blood pressure equalization;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in the body;
  • prompt the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, launching the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin;
  • removal of inflammation, acne on the skin;
  • cancer prevention;
  • effective weight loss with the ability to lose weight noticeably;
  • removal of toxins and harmful substances from the stomach, intestines and liver;
  • increase the body’s defenses.

Basic principles

In the case of cyclic fasting to eat only certain allowed foods and dishes. In order to lose weight, start a hunger strike should be in the evening at 21:00 after a small dinner, and stop – at one o’clock the next day. At this time, you can prepare a high-calorie and nutritious Breakfast.

What principles should be followed when using the intermittent method in practice:

  • allowed for 8 hours recommended at least 2-3 of the meals; need to train during the phase of the hunger strike with consuming 10 grams of BCAA;
  • the diet should contain complex carbohydrates necessary for the body, include them in Breakfast, and other meals should be dominated by proteins;
  • after getting used to such a diet, you should try to stick to it on a regular basis, turning it into a habit.
  • The basic rules of the diet Cascade fasting according to the description should be performed in accordance with a set of requirements, thanks to which it will be possible to lose weight faster, fat deposits will be burned more effectively.
  • In the list of most important rules:
  • the need to select the daily caloric intake for each person;
  • during fasting, you can only drink liquid and in any case do not eat solid food;
  • during the food window should be excluded from the diet of fatty, flour, fried foods, pastries, semi-finished products, bread and confectionery, fast food;
  • the time of the hunger strike outside the sleep, you need to use actively, conduct sports training;
  • it is necessary to abandon simple carbohydrates, carefully monitor compliance with the water regime. The daily rate of liquid for a person – 2 liters; in the food window you need to put three main meals and a few extra, during which you need to eat vegetables or fruits fresh;
  • a person should consume no more than 50 g of animal fat per day. If this is inevitable, then eat the dish at Breakfast.

Preparing for a new diet

For a cyclic diet 16/8 special preparation of the body is not needed. The number of periodic meals for a person can also not be changed. An important requirement is the training of willpower, the presence of a decision to lose weight, to achieve the intended results.

Preparation of periodic fasting that suggest nutritionists:

  • advance switch to PP;
  • go to the hospital for a kidney examination;
  • learn to comply with the regime of water consumption;
  • avoid overeating;
  • make a habit of controlling the caloric content of food.

There are no special recommendations for getting out of the periodic diet of 16/8 either. The first time you need to refrain from overeating, choose to eat light food, rich in vitamins, balanced. From the diet you need to go gradually, slightly reducing the time of the hunger strike.

Selection of menus and products for the fasting system

In intermittent periodic fasting 16/8 alternate training and rest days. In those days, when physical activity is provided, the menu should include carbohydrates and fats, and on days without training, it is better to make a list of dishes exclusively from protein products.

You can pay attention to such permitted products:

  • fats: butter, dairy products, chocolate, lamb, halva, poultry, fatty fish;
  • carbohydrates: dates, cereals, figs, beets, honey, beans, pasta, potatoes, confectionery;
  • proteins: fish, poultry, eggs, skim cheese and dairy products, porridge.

Based on this list of allowed products, you can make a very diverse menu for each day. It can be nourishing, useful and rich.

As an example, it is worth considering the menu for one day:

  • Breakfast-oatmeal on water with honey, tea without sugar, dried fruit;
  • second Breakfast-fresh fruit or vegetable;
  • for lunch-boiled chicken or beef with vegetables, berry juice;
  • snack-low-fat kefir or yogurt;
  • high tea-low-fat cottage cheese;
  • for dinner – vegetables with boiled fish.


Not all people can use the method of intermittent fasting to reduce weight, it can bring both benefits and harm.

Among the contraindications are:

  • tuberculosis;
  • diabetes;
  • oncological malignancies;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system chronic;
  • unstable blood pressure;
  • body mass index less than 15;
  • urolithiasis;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • violations in the CNS and the presence of psychological problems;
  • global destruction of the digestive tract;
  • child and adolescence.

All of these contraindications are mostly permanent, but there are some temporary.

Decided to take for themselves such a system is to be consulted by a nutritionist or physician. To avoid the development of hypovitaminosis, it is necessary to take a multivitamin complex.


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  1. Interesting diet, I want to try. I hope for a positive result, I tried everything a lot, but I didn’t see much of an effect. It is difficult to choose a diet that is suitable for me. Later I will share my impressions of this diet.


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