Contrast Shower For Weight Loss

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What only means and methods do not resort to women to achieve the desired harmony. Each at least once in my life was on a diet, tried to drink pills for weight loss. Everyone is well aware of the benefits of sports, but not everyone has the time and sometimes money for Hiking in the halls. Sometimes there is no strength for training at all.

Fasting days and other methods of weight loss require self-control and a more or less calm environment. And everyone wants to be in shape. In a situation with limited time comes to the aid of a contrast shower for weight loss. This procedure perfectly tightens the skin, has a General healthful effect on our body. It does not take much time and is done from the comfort of home, which is another plus. Still with childhood know about hardening. The method is similar, but also helps to lose weight. Below we will see how to take a contrast shower for weight loss, what to do to enhance the effect, who is allowed the method and what result awaits in the end.

Contrast shower

Every day we take a shower for hygiene purposes. And what if the usual ritual to turn into a very useful? It’s real. Of course, only take a shower and wait for the wonderful evaporation of extra centimeters will not work.

Contrast shower may well be the first step in a healthy and slim life. After the first year you will have more energy and a desire to do gymnastics.

Use of procedure

Not all useful procedures are pleasant and contrast shower is no exception. Especially the first few times. For something a little later, when you get involved, you’ll like it. Moreover, the improvement of health and a surge of strength is felt almost immediately. This does not mean that you need to go outside naked in -30 and pour cold or even ice water. To such a soul must be approached with care, especially in the beginning.

Now not everyone has a bath, and the snow is not even all winter, so we have a contrast shower. From a sharp drop in temperature, the vessels then narrow, then expand, the muscles come to tone. At the same time, there is a sharp acceleration of metabolism, accelerated blood flow, toxins are removed. As a result-strengthening of blood vessels, normalization of all processes of the body, strengthening the immune system. Moreover, this contrast is recommended for many diseases, such as vascular dystonia, hypertension, obesity and so on. When the contrast shower has become familiar, diseases begin to bypass the side, the skin becomes elastic and elastic, cellulite leaves your body along with excess body fat. Now let’s see how to make a contrast shower to lose weight.

How to take

Especially refreshing and gives a great effect contrast shower after a morning workout. Scheme is simple. You should start with small temperature changes. The first is the warm water-you need to warm up the body. The temperature should be about 38 degrees. Then it should slightly reduce by 10 degrees. Warm water remains for one and a half minutes, and cold for half a minute. For the first time will be more than enough and one jump. Then you need to alternate the water several times. As the body gets used to the temperature contrast should be gradually increased. The time is also extended. Under warm water need stand in 3 times longer, than under cool.

If daily, without passes to take a contrast shower it will become an excellent healthy habit. You will feel much better and you will feel a surge of strength and youth. You can take a shower with morning and evening. Only ritual you need for a couple of hours before going to bed. In the morning the contrast shower should stop on cool water, and in the evening on warm. Also good are the pouring, but they also need to get used gradually. After icy pouring, it is necessary to RUB the body with a dry soft towel. This is done in order to disperse the blood in the capillaries.

What to do to enhance the effect

The use of additional cosmetics will enhance the effect. Good massage helps. For him using special massage brushes or gloves. Areas of exposure are usually the abdomen of the buttocks and thighs. After a contrast shower, you can apply a tonic or any other cream. A good massage and a jet of water. To do this, the shower is brought at a distance of 10 cm from the body to the problem areas of the skin. The jet should be moved in a circular motion on the problem areas. The buttocks and abdomen are massaged in a circular motion, and the legs — from the top down the front of the thigh, and from the bottom up the back of the thigh.

What is possible and what is not

There are contraindications even in such a useful procedure. Do not take a contrast shower if you have:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • oncological disease;
  • blood disease;
  • menstruation;
  • exacerbation of chronic disease;
  • hypertension;
  • heart disease (only after consultation with a doctor).

Any activity should be fun. If you do not want to take a contrast shower, do not force yourself — the benefits in this case will be small, but the stress will increase. And this applies to any health classes. If you are recommended to take a contrast shower, you should mentally prepare. As a result, you will like, will come a feeling of lightness and freshness.

It should not be too cold — if you follow the rules and gradually reduce the temperature, the body will get used to. After the procedure, probably want to eat, but to lean on a hearty Breakfast / dinner is not necessary. It is better to confine yourself to a light snack. Before the morning shower better sleep. In this case, the procedure will be easy.

What result

So, what do you get in the end:

  • weight loss. It largely depends on nutrition and activity. Can be reset from 2 to 10 kg;
  • improvement of health;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • the skin is cleansed and tightened;
  • burst of energy.

This procedure is offered by many beauty salons and SPA centers. There you can find several varieties of contrast shower: fan, needle, rain and many others. But still budget and easier to produce the procedure at home. Below are reviews of people who helped the procedure to solve a particular problem.


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