Back Exercises

Do you feel back pain, pulled lower back, clicks in the spine? So you’re having back problems. And the whole problem lies in the fact that a weak muscular corset is not able to support the spine and all internal organs. It is because of this that pain occurs in the area. In order to get rid of them you need to constantly carry out effective prevention of diseases because no one except yourself will take care of your health. There are effective back exercises that are sure to help.

Rules of gymnastics We are talking about therapeutic gymnastics, which is the strength to make everyone at home. However, you need to be extremely careful if you hurt your back the support can shift and the spine will overload the vessels and Orans at this point are squeezed and the brain will be difficult. In short all parts of the body and organs are interconnected which means that problems with one and them in this case the back will lead to problems with others.

Before you start to do the exercises yourself you need to consult a doctor it is best to do an x-ray. Back training at home can be dangerous.

Starting a set of exercises be sure to adhere to the following rules:

  • Always perform the exercises slowly. You do not need to try to perform the exercises quickly you need to feel your muscles and their work as much as possible.
  • You can not do exercises jerks because the sharp movements of the load on the articular-ligamentous apparatus becomes much more.
  • No need to complicate gradually or do more repetitions to progress. For example it is undesirable to include exercises with dumbbells because weak muscles can not lift the weight which means that the press, hands, feet will be connected here. Therefore, the complex will spread throughout the body and will cease to be the target.
  • Be sure to monitor your health, if suddenly there is a feeling of discomfort exercise should be stopped.
  • On a full stomach you can not train you need to choose a better time better 2 hours before meals or after.

For more effective complex exercise is better to perform twice daily, morning and evening. In addition during the day you can perform some exercises to warm up.

Be sure to do the exercises lying on a special gymnastics carpet or on a blanket folded several times. This will soften the blows and remove the excess load on the spine.

Who should not perform exercises

You need to understand that not everyone is suitable for this set of exercises there are contraindications.

You can not do exercises in the following cases:

  • In case of spinal injuries After surgery
  • In chronic diseases
  • During bleeding
  • For lung, kidney, heart or vascular problems
  • During pregnancy.

But if such contraindications to do exercises for the back still want here to help orthopedist. Doctors always know better what exercises will be safe this may be suitable for physical therapy.

Getting ready for training

Any training should begin with a warm-up this also applies to exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and spine. And all because if the muscles do not warm up you may have health problems. Especially carefully you need to knead the body in the morning after sleeping the muscles are not particularly heated.

Warm-up is carried out as follows:

  • You need to Wake the body. You can run on the spot or jump. This is necessary for the heart to start working intensively.
  • Start developing joints. To do this, you can rotate in different directions starting from the top. Don’t forget the feet. They can be kneaded bending in the middle with your fingers. Rotation of the neck can not be done here it is necessary to perform bending in different directions.
  • Muscles need to stretch for this make turns in different directions.

Set of exercises

The complex of exercises is designed for people with an initial or average level of training. For each exercise 15 repetitions are enough depending on the level of training of the body you can perform a different number of approaches.


Exercise “Bridge” is usually shown to people who have a weak support apparatus. If you perform it correctly, you can use the muscles of the back as much as possible. Due to this exercise you can get rid of pain in the lumbar region, because the muscles of the back are strengthened and stretched.

To perform you need:

  • Lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Arms should be extended along the body and the back pressed to the floor.
  • Exhale and tighten the buttocks. The pelvis is raised up so that the hips and the chin of steel on the same line. you need to round the waist to prevent overload.
  • Exhale and relax the muscles, lowering the body to its original position.

Definitely need the body to hold in suspense don’t throw the body down and slowly lower it. To complicate the exercise you need to lift the body on one leg the second to leave bent on the first leg.

The dog and the bird

Exercise with such an interesting name promotes stimulation of the whole body because here the main thing – to maintain balance. In addition there is swaying and the buttocks.

Doing the exercise you need to:

  • Take the starting position standing on all fours. Legs and legs should be at an angle of 90 degrees. Hands are shoulder-width apart.
  • The back should be flat, the muscles of the body – stretched. You need to look down, and the blades to reduce.
  • At the same time you need to raise and pull left arm and right leg parallel to the floor.
  • In a tense position you need to stay for ten seconds

Then you need to return to the original position and change the arm and leg.

Strap on the side

Planck’s exercise is known to everyone. Together with its simple, perform it is difficult. Trains the whole body at the same time and tense all the muscles. If you do the bar on the side then at this point the load on one of the oblique abdominal muscles increases. And they respond to back support in particular.

To perform you need:

  • Lie on the floor and lean on your elbow. Brush pull forward and press to the floor. The second hand should be placed at the waist.
  • The legs should lie on top of each other but only one should touch the floor.
  • The back should be straight, belly taut.
  • The body should be torn off from the floor on exhalation. Should get a flat body.
  • In this position you need to stay for a few seconds.

If this exercise is difficult to perform you can bend your knees. It’ll make it easier to keep your balance. And if on the contrary you need to complicate you can do more approaches and increase the time of standing in the bar.


Most people think that lunges can pump up the buttocks. But this is not so, because it involves the whole body, including the body works, and most of the load falls on the front surface of the thigh and lower back. In the direct position need to breathe and take a step forward. It is important to shift the weight on the leg and keep the body straight. Behind the leg should lean on your fingers and knee to touch the floor. Next, exhale and back leg straightens. The body returns to its original position.

The lower back should be in straight condition, the leg should not touch the belly.

Exercise ball

During the day, the back is usually tilted forward. The lower back is in one position. Hence the pain. you need to create a back bend, to release tension. And fitball will help. You can warm up on a gymnastic ball in different ways. You need to lean on the ball lower abdomen, straight, widely spaced legs should rest on the floor, and hands placed parallel to the floor. Need to do exhale and lift the body up. You need to reach higher and exhale back. Great for strengthening your back bridge. To do this lie back on the ball, lean your hands and feet on the floor, keeping your balance. you need to roll the ball back, pressing the spine to the ball. So you need to stay for a few minutes.

The child’s pose

This exercise came from yoga. After training in the gym and after a busy day, it helps to relax the muscles. Here muscle tension is small, more emphasis on stretching. The most involved is the lower back and the muscle straightening the spine.

These muscles are reduced most of the working time, and therefore cause pain. If you stretch them, they return to their normal position. Takes the tension from the blood vessels and nerves, the blood is saturated with oxygen.

  • Gotta get on your knees
  • Put the body on your knees, resting his head on the floor
  • Arms should be extended along the body.
  • The neck and shoulders should be relaxed.
  • On exhalation, you need to alternately relax the muscles and return to the original position.

You need to breathe deeply to improve blood flow organs improve their functions. However the abdominal organs receive a small massage.

Prevention of diseases of the back

Unfortunately in today’s world in most cases due to sedentary work back problems are observed in many. But do not wait for sharp pains, you need to take care of your back constantly paying attention to it every day. In addition the prevention of diseases in the back is easy.

To do this you only need to follow certain rules:

  • You need to constantly monitor your posture
  • Constantly conduct a warm-up because the person feels bad in a constantly sitting position.
  • Even sitting need to keep your back straight
  • Choose the right size chairs.
  • No need to carry heavy items
  • Be sure to devote time to physical education it is enough even half an hour a day

If there are already back problems but you need to systematically visit an orthopedist. Because only a doctor can track the dynamics of your back. This is a basic exercise for the broadest muscle of the back. Remember that a healthy back is the key to the health of the whole body.


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