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Japan Diet

The Japanese diet is ideal for those cases when a week before an important event you need to lose a few extra pounds and put the figure in order. It refers to a rigid and […]


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Weighting Loss Before And After

To have a slim body is a dream of every girl. But in most cases it remains unfulfilled. Starting the process with great hunting, often all quickly bored and stops. And it happens every time […]


How To Lose 10 Kg In 2 Weeks

Everyone wants to be not only healthy but also beautiful especially the appearance of the figure. Weight loss is a very important goal for those who are overweight. Such a process requires an integrated approach. […]


Contrast Shower For Weight Loss

What only means and methods do not resort to women to achieve the desired harmony. Each at least once in my life was on a diet, tried to drink pills for weight loss. Everyone is […]


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Diet For Gastritis

Diet with gastritis – a way to get rid of symptoms and pain. It is necessary for a certain period of time to eat only dietary and light food to allow the stomach to rest. […]


Stockholm Diet

Stockholm diet for weight loss – a special system that includes delicious diet foods and moderate diet. Another variant of the Stockholm system is a six-day monodieta on different products. Proper compliance brings good plumb-from […]


What Can You Eat For Psoriasis?

One of the existing nutrition plans for psoriasis involves maintaining the correct acid-base balance in the body. It is believed that the internal environment of our body should be predominantly alkaline, not acidic, and this […]


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5 Ways to Increase Metabolism That Work

As a definition metabolism can be described as the measure of how fast we process the food we consume into energy. There are many ways to increase metabolism rapidly with almost instantly noticeable results. With […]


Keeping A Healthy Body For The New Year

Don’t ruin the new year with old rationalizations: they don’t work. Actually, all your excuses have done is kept you overweight and out of shape. Almost every weight loss forum will be talking about gearing […]


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Morning Running

Running in the morning – one of the most common ways to lose weight or bring your body into shape. In the warm season you can run in the fresh air and in the cold […]


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Protein Foods List

The menu of each person must be present protein foods. It is required for the full structure of muscle tissue, promotes normal absorption of carbohydrates enhances metabolism. Proteins have a strong influence on the activity […]

  • Do you feel tired frequently? Do simple tasks make you feel tired? It is very much possible that all these symptoms are related to your irregular and less frequent water drinking habit. It is very [...]
  • I was a child in the 1980s. The 80s were the glory days of muscular action heroes. If you ever saw Arnold or Sylvester Stallone in a movie you saw them with their shirts off [...]
  • The Japanese diet is ideal for those cases when a week before an important event you need to lose a few extra pounds and put the figure in order. It refers to a rigid and [...]
  • More recently it was believed that to lose weight – it means to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum. Today the keto diet is gaining popularity. Its main task is to transfer metabolism [...]
  • This diet was developed by one of their great spiritual teachers of India, guru Yogananda his diet has properties such as: cleansing the body at the cellular level, weight loss and rejuvenation; acceleration of metabolism; [...]
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